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Our daughter currently speaks 3 languages at home (Japanese, Chinese, and English) with a heavier emphasis on Japanese and Chinese. What challenges and/or accommodations might we expect from the testing process? What is your advice to parents regarding children who speak multiple languages and testing?

Unless a child is formally diagnosed with a disability and has testing accommodations that are mandated by law, he/she will not receive any such accommodations when being tested.  Also important to know is that standardized tests are generally administered only in English, and that, due to the standardized nature of these measures, testers typically can only give the instructions a limited number of times.  Therefore, a certain level of English-proficiency is desirable for any child who is being tested.  However, parents should make every effort to let the tester know, whether when registering for a test online or by simply speaking to the tester before the exam begins, that their child is bi/trilingual and if English is/is not his/her primary language so that the tester can then (if allowed) incorporate this information into a child’s background information or anecdotal report that may accompany the formal results.

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