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When I ask my child questions to try to prepare her for the test, she sometimes gives wrong answers on purpose just to be silly. Or she’ll roll her eyes and say, “that’s too easy, Mommy,” and then give me the wrong answer. I’m afraid she’ll do this when she’s actually tested. Any advice?

Again, this depends for each child.  If you have an older child, you might explain to him/her that adults are very interested in how kids think, and that even if they ask “easy” questions sometimes, that he/she should still consider the question seriously and do his/her best when answering.  If you have a younger child, try to ignore any responses that you believe are intentionally wrong or silly.  Do not reinforce this behavior in any way.  When your child does give a thoughtful response, immediately support this effort by commenting positively on his/her effort (e.g., “I like how you really thought about the problem and what you were going to say.  Nice job.”)

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