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Free OLSAT Practice Test Questions – Otis-Lennon School Ability Test®

Here are some free practice questions for the OLSAT test to get you started on a Top 1% membership.  These practice questions for the Otis-Lennon School Abilities test are also appropriate if your child is also taking the WPPSI™-III or IV test or the Stanford-Binet® 5 test. No matter which test your child is taking these test prep activities will help your child succeed not only for the exam but also for school.

  • Practice For Figure and Picture Analogy Questions (OLSAT test)
  • Practice for Matrix Questions (Stanford-Binet 5 test and WPPSI-III ERB test)
  • Parent Instructions: With each question, here is what you should say and do: Do you see these 4 boxes?  In the top row the pictures go together in a certain way (point to the two pictures on top and make sure your child sees how they go together).  Now look at the bottom row.  Do you see the empty box?  Which of the 4 pictures in the answer row (point to the answer row) goes with the picture in the bottom box the same way the 2 pictures in the top row go together? Answer: 1, 2, 3, or 4 will mean 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th image over the circle in the answer row.  At you can prepare your child for the OLSAT test.


Free practice questions for OLSAT test (answers are at the very bottom)

1. Pre-K to Kindergarten

free olsat test questions


2.  First Grade

free olsat test questions


3.  Second Grade


4.  Third Grade


5.  Fourth and Fifth Grade

Here is more information for the OLSAT test for each grade level:


The OLSAT has

Verbal Reasoning questions

Verbal comprehension questions.

If you live in New York City find out more about how the OLSAT test and NNAT2 test is administered for students.




  1. 3
  2. 3
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 3 (-2, -2)


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40 Responses

kfrantser says:

Hi! Before i sign up for anything and pay i want to see some sample questions I dont want to pay for something that i am not sure what it is says:

To see the free sample questions for the OLSAT test and also other tests, just click on the red “buy now” button and the 100 free questions are there. You can view them there. Let us know if you have any other questions.

gkaniel says:

I hace checked the 100 free questions and it does not look good! You put there questions for kindergarden instead of questions for my sun grade or a specific test that i’m interested in! Before I sign up I want to see questions that will be relative to what I need!! says:

You’ll need to keep scrollling through the 100 free practice questions for the various tests, including the practice questions for OLSAT Level A, B, C and D. Just click on the page and it will take you through the entire question set. thanks

lamia.tahsin says:

5th grade only

kazi.nasif says:

Do you have to pay to get sample questions. I dont want to pay. My sons test is next saturday December 8.

leonzhang says:

my son test is on december 15

hilaperetz817 says:

How long is the OLSAT? Is it the same for all of the level? Are the amounts of questions the same for all of the levels? Is there a breakdown of this somewhere? I couldn’t find it on the Pearson website. Thanks says:

It depends on the level of the OLSAT – for the younger kids the OLSAT test takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. We have a breakdown of the subsets of each of the level of the OLSAT on our site under the Otis-Lennon School Abilities section.

reachnikimail says:

Hey, I do understand that every one is trying to make money but your 100 free test questions is very misleading and motivates me not to purchase your program. Try actually giving us 5-10 relavent questions per program for our corresponding childs age group. That would be a more accurate example of what value I would be receiving if I were to purchase your program. My time is valuable and I feel that I have wasted enough of it trying to navigate through your maze of a website to find 1 measly question. I am willing to pay. I have purchased a program that allows my child to self navigate through age appropriate levels of test preparation information through a different site. I have also ordered test prep books that were a little bit more than I wanted to pay but yes, when it comes to our kids it is worth it. Maybe the value that you are promising is worth the money, however I, and MANY others who do not enjoy dead end, misleading “free” offers, will never know. says:

Hello -we make it very clear on our home page that the 100 free questions are for practice for Stanford-Binet, ITBS, WPPSI–ERB, OLSAT, WISC, ERB, Bracken, GATE, WISC-IV, CogAT, NNAT-2, KBIT-2. Pre-K to 6th grade. We actually give 120 free questions, not 100. The purpose of our free practice questions is to give parents a sampling of our offering. We’re glad you found a site that fits your needs. We aren’t a site only for children, we are site for parents who want to work with their children with our materials. We would never recommend putting a child in front of computer by themselves and expect them to learn the concepts required for these tests. We expect are members to work with their children, not put them in front of the computer by themselves . In the end, our offer for free questions is not misleading and we’re very up front about what we’re offering. Best of luck to both you and your child!

xpzhkw says:

I just see 5 free questions from K–5 grade. I just want to see 3rd questions.Where are 100 question? says:

You’ll need to click on the big, red button at the top and the 100 free practice questions are there.

Alima says:

Great! We would like some more Free Samples if possible, thanks

john says:

How many olsat level D test questions do you have for member access.

What member type do I need to sign to access these questions.

What resources were used for development of these questions.

Benjamin says:

As a father I think you should change your name to Testing PARENT! I am constantly offended by resources such as this that assume fathers don’t get involved in their children’s lives. says:

Hi Benjamin – thanks for your note. Testing Mom actually refers to Karen Quinn – the Testing Mom! Our co-founder, Michael McCurdy, is a Testing Dad! We welcome ALL parents to join our site – moms, dads and grandparents!

neha_1138 says:

wen i click on the red button, grades appears, but thereafter i am not getting any questions,,, says:

Did you click on the orange “buy now” button at the very top. 100 free practice questions are there!

Gulnara says:

Hi. I like to said that thank you for the great job on the website and I love I am looking for the vocabulary you offering and I want to find out if I have to pay for that separately. Right know I am paying for study island include math and brain pop. I am not sure. Can you please let me know. Thank you. says:

Please email us a help testing mom . com. We can help you best that way! thanks!

Haine says:

What are the prices for the membership levels. I don’t see that info anywhere on your website! says:

Hi – just click the orange “buy now” button at the top of the page. There you will find all the membership info. thanks

German says:

Will we have access to the answers? If so, will there be an explanation on the answers that need an explanation on why that is the answer?
The sample 100 were pretty good but did not have the answers. I though my 6 year old got almost all right, except on the one with the pentagon square cyrcle diamond says:

The answers for the 100 free sample questions are on the last page – so keep scrolling. Yes, all of our questions have the answers in the back. 🙂

Candace says:

How do you grade the OLSAT? Do you take the number correct out of the total possible and then use the grading scale? It’s the part that states that incorrect answers are similar to blanks but they aren’t penalized for incorrect responses that is confusing to me… says:

The OLSAT test results are based upon the percentile ranking when the child taking the test is compared to other students the same age that took the test when it was normed by the test publisher. The score isn’t based upon the percentage correct.

Hongyan says:

Can you please send me a sample test for 5th grade? I am willing to buy. Thanks. says:

To purchase practice materials click the orange “Buy Now” at the top of the page!

Karla says:

I been reading about this program and I’m confuse on what type of test I should buy for my son he has already taking the GoAT test but he will be test to see if he qualifies for GT program not sure what test he will take. What is your recommendation I heard is a lot of analogies and patterns some math and will take two days. Thank you for your help

Karla says:

He is in 3rd grade

Moeez Awan says:

Hi, I’d like to ask which grades the tests go up to in 1% membership, specifically for the wisc or wisc-IV (sorry I don’t know much about these tests).

Rebekah says:

My kid is currently in 2nd grade and will be taking OLSAT for entrance of Gifted and Talented program for 3rd grade for next school year. I’d like to know what grade level practice OLSAT is appropriate for her, 2nd or 3rd grade test? Thank you very much.

Dee Dee says:

Which OLSAT level is for 5th grade? says:

For fifth grade it’s OLSAT Level E.



Kimberly M says:

We need test questions for a male student entering 9th grade, I am not finding anything for this group

Yelena says:

i need olsat questions and prep for 6th grade. What level is that?

Sam says:

Hi Yelena,

You could use level F for this. We have tons of practice questions for this on

Melisa Frank says:

My daugter is in the 8th grade and is taking the OLAST very soon are their sample questions for her on this website?