Is Your Child Gifted or Bright?

Millions of parents have asked themselves if their child is gifted or bright. IQ tests are traditionally used to answer this question, but there are also characteristics displayed by children that can identify them as gifted or bright. This short quiz, which asks you to identify some of the signs, can help find out if a child is truly gifted or bright.

Please note that this is not an actual intelligence test. Contact a psychologist in your area to arrange for an accurate cognitive assessment of your child.


Question 3: Does your child know the answers or ask the questions?

Asks the questions

Knows the answers

Question 1: Does your child grasp the meaning or draw inferences?

Grasps meaning

Draws Inferences

Question 5: Does your child construct abstractions or understand ideas?

Construct abstractions

Understands ideas

Question 2: Does your child prefer to be around peers or adults?



Question 4: Is your child a good memorizer or a good guesser?

Good Memorizer

Good Guesser

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Your child displayed of the signs of a gifted child. This quiz only tests for 5 of at least 20 signs of gifted children.

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