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If my child has special needs, how do I evaluate options?

Finding the right summer camp fit is even more paramount when a child has a special need, be it social, emotional, academic, behavioral or medical. First, the philosophy and programming must be considered; the base of any good camp choice. Then parents must dig deep and ask intentional questions about their child’s need(s), how they are accommodated, learn about others with similar needs, staff training, nearest medical expertise and facilities, etc. And whether or not he/she should be in a camp that serves special populations, if a child requires more attention.

Parents should also recognize summer camp is a busy place with an ongoing pace in new surroundings with new people. If a child requires medication during the year it is likely they will need it to be successful in a summer camp, too. Discuss this at length with your child’s doctor and the camp to maximize his/her potential at camp.

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