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Are the results of the test dependent on who administers it?

Administrators try to take the “personality” aspect out of the equation as much as they can.  In a city such as NY, where thousands of tests are being administered, proctors are given specific instructions that they can say the question, but they cannot repeat it.  They cannot prompt a child or clarify a question, that sort of thing.  This way, the administration of the test is as equal and fair as possible.

The Stanford-Binet® and WPPSI®-III are IQ tests administered by psychologists.  The instructions for these tests do allow the testers to clarify, encourage, redirect a child’s attention and in some cases repeat a question.  If your child is taking one of these tests, the tester can make a difference in how well your child does.  When children are in a school setting tested by psychologists, schools administrators do their best to get good testers because they want their kids to qualify for excellent schools.  If your child will be evaluated outside the school, ask for recommendations before you choose a tester. Call and talk with testers about their experience, advice they may have to help you make your child feel at ease, or any other concerns you may have.  If your intuition tells you this isn’t someone your child will relate to, listen to it and schedule with a different examiner.

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