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Do most people get their children tutored for the tests or is that counter-productive?

I’m not a huge fan of tutoring because I think parents can do so much more at home in the course of daily life.  That said, it may be helpful for some kids who are very shy and need to learn to warm up to an adult tester.  If you do use a tutor, make sure she knows what she is doing and that she is very good with your child.

Most families do not get their children tutored for testing because it is expensive.  I do not recommend that you send your child to some intensive preparation experience where, over a weekend, they are supposedly prepped for the test.  I believe that is too much pressure for a child, plus kids don’t learn that way.  Children learn best in small doses and through experience, which is why I advocate you working with your own child at home if you can manage it.

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