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What are private schools looking for in applicants?

Private schools are looking for children who will do well in their program.  For example, if it is a tougher, academically-oriented school, then higher scores on a test will be the first hurdle toward acceptance.  Private schools are looking for classes that are balanced in terms of boys, girls, diversity and temperaments.  So, if a school has a lot of girl siblings applying in a particular year, there may not be as many open spaces for girls who aren’t already connected to the school.

Private schools are looking for families who will fit into the “personality” of their community, which is why they often interview parents.  They are looking for parents who will support the school through volunteering their time, expertise, or donations.  They are looking for parents who are easy to get along with and who won’t cause trouble, so it is important that you have been a good nursery school family.  Your nursery school may very well “out” you if you’ve been difficult to get along with or if you didn’t pay your bills on time.

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