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What kind of practice questions can I give my child and how often?

If you are a member of, you can go to the section on the site for the test your child is taking and go through 20 – 30 minutes of practice questions as long as your child is able to focus.  The questions can be printed or you can use our interactive practice questions.  When your child gets tired of doing question, go to our Interactive Games and let them practice for the test that way.  If your child is preparing for an academic test such as a state test, IOWA test or the MAP, use our Skill Building Academy to them shore up their skills in a fun way.  You can also mix it up by using our test prep flash cards or workbooks.  If you are playing IQ Fun Pack, one game a day should be plenty.

It is important to mix up your test prep tools.  Kids get bored doing the same thing over and over, so if you switch to a game and then some flash cards, you’ll find that your child won’t even realize they’re doing something educational and you can get a lot of extra practice in!

With younger students, always remember to keep your test prep fun and game-like!


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