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Our elementary school has informed us that they will be testing our son using a test called the MAP. Do you have any insight or familiarity with this test?

MAP, which stands for Measures of Academic Progress, is a test that looks at achievement in math, reading, language use, and science.  It is taken on the computer and it is unique because adjust to the level that the child: if the child is having a hard time, the questions get easier and, likewise, the questions get harder as the child continues to answer correctly.  This test really addresses the subskills that make up a general skill.  So with something such as reading, the MAP tests chronological awareness, phonics, letter recognition, letter-sound understanding, and more and tells the teacher what subskill the child really needs to work on.  After your child is tested, sit down with the teacher, find out what his strengths and weaknesses are so that you can focus on them at home.

In the future there will be more and more computer enabled tests in the classroom and it will interesting to find out at what age and level this type of testing will begin.

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