Testing Mom Testing Survival Guide

The language you hear around testing sounds like a game of Scrabble – OLSAT®, CogAT®, BSRA™, GATE Testing, ERB, WPPSI®-III or IV, WISC®-IV, WNV™, Stanford-Binet® 4® or 5®, NNAT®-2, Naglieri®, KBIT™-2, Raven’s Matrices™, RIAS®, TAG testing, MAP® Testing, Woodcock-Johnson® III Tests of Achievement, G&T programs, the list of acronyms goes on and on!

Perhaps you live in a school district where the best classrooms available are in the gifted program and everyone has their children tested before they even enter kindergarten. You might be applying your child to a competitive private school that requires an IQ test as part of the application. Or maybe you live in a city where all children start school in general education classrooms and gifted and talented testing doesn’t begin until 2nd or 3rd grade.

Whatever is the case, with so much riding on the outcome of these tests, you cannot leave the results to chance. The more you know about the various tests administered to children for school admissions, the more you can help your child succeed and get the best placement possible!

In this guide, we will explain the different types of tests children are given for school placement, show you samples of questions from various tests, tell you why it is important to prepare your child, and give you tips on how best to get your child ready for testing without creating too much stress!

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