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Best Methods for ITBS Test Prep

Because the ITBS® (Iowa Test of Basic Skills®) is used by homeschoolers, private schools, state school administrators and gifted and talented programs to assess each student’s progress by age and grade level, we highly recommend using our Digital Tutor online interface to help your child practice. You can see how quickly your child completes each section and improves performance with practice, which is helpful, as some sections of the Iowa Test will be timed. We also have plenty of other fun educational games you won’t find in schools or anywhere else online that help instill the skills your child will be tested for, and they’re all included with a TestingMom.com Fast Track membership.

Ideally, students need 30-60 days to adequately prepare for the ITBS® and get good exposure to the different types of questions they’ll be asked for their current grade, age and subtest level.

Sample Practice Questions

100 Free Practice Questions

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3 Tips to Make ITBS® Prep Fun

  • Play timed games with your child – including video games. Hasbro’s original Perfection game is great for ITBS® prep, because it teaches your child to match abstract and concrete shapes quickly! This will come in handy on the mapping and diagramming subsections of the Iowa Test.
  • Watch relevant game shows as a family, like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! It may sound counterintuitive to suggest watching TV as a form of test prep, but Wheel of Fortune is a fun way to help younger kids pick up spelling and reading comprehension skills, while Jeopardy! covers a broad spectrum of information about politics, science, social studies, nature and other trivia that may come up on Levels 9-14 of the Iowa Test. Seeing people clap, win prizes and have fun answering what amounts to test questions for adults can help instill a positive mindset whenever it’s your child’s turn to answer.
  • Listen to audio books in the car or at home, especially during long drives or at dinnertime. Since listening, vocabulary and language skills are assessed at every Iowa Test level, playing audio books in the car or during mealtimes that feature fables, fairy tales and classic children’s literature (like The Velveteen Rabbit or Just So Stories) is a subtle way to fit ITBS® test prep into your everyday routine — your child will enjoy it as a special way to bond with Mom or Dad, and even book-averse kids will expand their vocabularies without even realizing it!
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Nilsa says:

A concern / question. My kids would be taking this test at the end of fourth grade (next year). What does this test cover in social studies and science? Thanks.