OLSAT® Test (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test)

What is the OLSAT Test?

The OLSAT® (Otis-Lennon School Abilities Test®) is a multiple-choice test that’s commonly used in conjunction with an achievement test (i.e., one that assesses what kids learn in school vs. their reasoning skills) to identify gifted children and assess their eligibility for admission into gifted schools and programs across the U.S. The OLSAT® is comprised of 21 different types of verbal and nonverbal questions designed to access a child’s performance across a wide variety of reasoning skillsets.

For younger children (e.g., preschoolers, Kindergarteners and first graders), the test is often given one-on-one. Older children typically take the OLSAT® in a group setting. The test itself is given in black and white, but many of TestingMom.com’s OLSAT® practice questions are shown in color to make the test preparation process more interesting and fun for children.

Verbal and Nonverbal Skills Assessed by the OLSAT:

  • Verbal Comprehension – Following directions, identifying antonyms, sentence arrangement & completion.
  • Verbal Reasoning – Logical selection, verbal analogies, verbal classification, and inferences.
  • Pictorial Reasoning – Picture classification, picture analogies, and picture series.
  • Figural Reasoning – Figural classification, figural analogies, and figure series.
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Levels E-G) – Number series, numeric inference, and number matrices.

Kindergarten students are tested with Level A, first graders are tested with Level B, second graders are tested with Level C, third graders get Level D, fourth and fifth graders get level E, and students from sixth to eighth grade take level F. Levels A and B are read aloud to students, as is part of Level C. Between testing and administration, it takes 50-60 minutes for a student to complete the OLSAT. At the 3rd grade level and above, students have 40 minutes to finish the test. It may take a little longer when the teacher reads questions to students at the lower levels. The chart below shows the different skills assessed by grade level:

Different Abilities Tested on the OLSAT

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