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How are the RIAS and RIAS-2 Tests Scored?

The RIAS and RIAS-2 includes a two-subtest Verbal Intelligence Index (VIX), a two-subtest Nonverbal Intelligence Index (NIX), and a Composite Intelligence Index (CIX), created by combining the VIX and NIX scores. The CIX assesses overall general intelligence (g), including the ability to reason, solve problems, and learn. A Composite Memory Index (CMX) is derived from the two supplementary memory subtests, Verbal Memory and Nonverbal Memory.

Although labeled the Verbal Intelligence Index, the VIX also is a reasonable approximation of crystallized intelligence. The NIX comprises subtests that assess nonverbal reasoning and spatial ability. Although labeled the Nonverbal Intelligence Index, the NIX also provides a reasonable approximation of fluid intelligence. These two indexes of intellectual functioning are then combined to form an overall Composite Intelligence Index (CIX). By combining the VIX and the NIX to form the CIX, a stronger, more reliable assessment of general intelligence (g) is obtained. The CIX measures the two most important aspects of general intelligence according to recent theories and research findings: reasoning or fluid abilities and verbal or crystallized abilities. Each of these indexes is expressed as an age-corrected student. These scores are normally distributed and can be converted to a variety of other metrics if desired.

Here is a Sample Report of the RIAS Scoring.

Here is a Sample Report of the RIAS-2 Scoring.

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