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What are the RIAS and RIAS-2 Tests?

The RIAS is a brief intelligence test used as a measure of verbal and non-verbal intelligence.  It also includes a a co-normed, supplemental measure of memory.

The RIAS-2 is an objective, comprehensive assessment of intelligence and its major components. With a low emphasis on motor demand, it offers a more accurate and valid assessment than similar measures. It also uses the same, but updated, sub-tests that are listed below. It also includes a Speeded Naming Task and a Speeded Picture Search.

Verbal Intelligence

Guess What – A child is given 2-4 clues to solve the concept or the object being described.

Verbal Reasoning – A child completes propositional statements that forms a verbal analogy. This section measures verbal-analytical reasoning ability.

Non-Verbal Intelligence

Odd Man Out – A child chooses which picture does not belong in a set of 5-7 pictures. It’s a form of non-verbal analogy that measures spatial ability, visual imagery and other non-verbal skills.

What’s Missing – A child figures out the missing element in an incomplete picture.

Composite Memory Index

Verbal Memory – A child listens to, memorizes and repeats back a series of sentences and stories that are read to them.  Measures encoding, storing and recalling aspects of memory.

Non-Verbal Memory – A child is shown a picture for 5 seconds and then identifies the same  picture among a series of different set of pictures. Measures encoding, storing and recognition of visual stimuli.

What is the RIAS Test?

What’s New in the RIAS-2?

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