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How is the STB Test Scored?

STB (Spatial Test Battery) scores are scaled, which are based on the number of questions that the individual is able to answer correctly. The student’s raw score, or the number of questions answered correctly, is converted to a scaled score. This process allows the admissions committee to establish a score comparison among the students taking the exam.

Raw Score  – the total number of graded questions answered correctly. This determines the percentage.

Scaled Score – a percentile that shows how your raw score compares with other test takers.

The STB is a normed test which means that the individual test taker is compared to a group of test takers. This provides insight into whether the test taker performed increasingly better or worse than the other members in the sample pool. In the case of the STB, the comparison population consists of other talent search peers in the 5th and 6th or 7th and 8th grades.

The STB test is given in a multiple-choice format and is usually taken on the computer. Each section is timed.

*There is no penalty for wrong answers on the STB.

Out-of-Level Testing as conducted by CTY

The CTY traditionally assesses a student’s score by comparing students to an older population of individuals. For example, Grade 2 students are compared to 4th graders, Grade 3 to Grade 5, Grade 4 to Grade 6, Grade 5 to Grade 8, Grade 6 to Grade 9, Grade 7 to Grade 12, and Grade 8 to Grade 12.

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