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TerraNova Test – Overview

What is the TerraNova?

The TerraNova Test is an achievement test commonly given to students in grades K-12 that measures achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary, spelling, and other areas. The TerraNova Test is published by CTB/McGraw-Hill and has set the bar for the highest standards in research, item reliability and validity, and technical quality.

TerraNova Test

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Skill Assessment

The Terra Nova Test offers multiple assessments to measure important higher-order thinking skills as well as basic and applied skills. These assessments generate norm-referenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information. The subjects tested on the Terra Nova Test include Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

TerraNova Complete Battery provides detailed diagnostic information. This series of assessments generates precise norm-referenced achievement scores, a full complement of criterion referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

TerraNova Survey is an abbreviated version of the Complete Battery and provides a general measure of achievement with a minimum amount of testing time. The Survey generates norm referenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

Finally, TerraNova Plus Tests provide in-depth information about students’ basic skills. Use them to measure important skills in Word Analysis, Vocabulary, Language Mechanics, Spelling and Mathematical Computation. The Plus tests are used for additional diagnostic information about your child.

Breakdown for the TerraNova Tests

  • Reading – Oral Comprehension, Basic Understanding, Analyze Text, Evaluate and Extend Meaning, Reading and Writing Strategies and Introduction to Print
  • Language – Sentence Structure, Writing Strategies, Editing Skills
  • Mathematics – Number and Number Relations, Computation and Numerical Estimation, Operation Concepts, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, Patterns, Functions, Algebra, Problem Solving and Reasoning, and Communication
  • Science – Science Inquiry, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Science and Technology, Personal and Social Perspectives in Science and History and Nature of Science
  • Social Studies – Geographic Perspectives, Historical and Cultural Perspectives, Civics & Government Perspectives and Economic Perspectives

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What type of test is the Terra Nova?

The Terra Nova Test is an achievement based test which includes subjects like math, reading comprehension, ELA, science and vocabulary. The TerraNova test is a nationally recognized standardized test used to assess students’ academic abilities in subjects like reading, language, mathematics, science, and social studies. The test is designed to measure a student’s performance relative to other students in the same grade across the nation.

At what grade levels is the TerraNova test administered?

The TerraNova test is typically administered to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. However, the specific grade levels tested may vary depending on your school or district’s testing policies.

How can I help my child prepare for the TerraNova test?

To help your child prepare for the TerraNova test, encourage regular study habits, review class materials, and practice with sample questions. Additionally, ensure your child gets enough sleep, eats a balanced diet, and arrives at school on time and prepared on test day.

How long does the TerraNova test take?

The TerraNova test typically takes between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the grade level and subjects being tested. The test is usually administered over a few days to prevent fatigue and to give students ample time to complete each section.

Is the TerraNova test mandatory?

The TerraNova test may be mandatory in some schools or districts, while others may use it as an optional assessment tool. Check with your child’s school or district to determine if the test is required.

How are TerraNova test scores used?

TerraNova test scores are used to evaluate a student’s academic performance, identify areas that may need improvement, and track progress over time. Schools and districts may also use these scores to assess the effectiveness of their curriculum and teaching strategies.

When will I receive my child’s TerraNova test results?

Test results are typically available within 4-6 weeks after the testing period. Your child’s school will provide you with a report detailing their performance and any areas that may need improvement.

How can I interpret my child’s TerraNova test results?

The TerraNova test results include a National Percentile Rank (NPR), which indicates how your child performed compared to other students at the same grade level nationwide. The report also provides a breakdown of performance in each subject area, helping you identify areas where your child may need additional support.

Can my child retake the TerraNova test if they perform poorly?

Retaking the TerraNova test is generally not an option, as it is designed to measure academic performance over a specific period. Instead, focus on helping your child improve in the areas identified as needing growth, and their performance should improve on future assessments.

Are accommodations available for students with disabilities or special needs during the TerraNova test?

Yes, accommodations are available for students with disabilities or special needs, such as extended time or testing in a separate location. If your child requires accommodations, consult with their school well in advance of the test to ensure the necessary arrangements are made.

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Edythe Gaines

It was a good practice test


I am a parent of a second grader who just took these tests in Spring of 2018. Where online can I find out comprehensive info on Terra Nova Testing as a whole? I was told second grade does not take the same CSI portion as the other grades? It would be great as a parent for either McGraw-Hill or the school district to be able to provide parents a detailed understanding by grade so we can keep track of our children’s progress.

how do I become a member and get study material for my 8th grader? What is a IQ game? Do u have that for 8th graders.


You can contact us at or call us at 877-609-6203 and a Parent Success Team member will help you sign up! Our IQ Fun pack game is currently only for younger kids, we unfortunately don’t have it for 8th graders.


You can view our package options here. If you have any issues, email us at, or click help in the upper right of the site to bring up live chat. You can also call us at 877-609-6203.


What are graphic strategies in the 3rd grade Terranova?


What kinds of skills does the Language Mechanics section cover at the 8th grade level? Can you break it down for me?


I am writing regard a non public school, Yeshiva Birchas Shmuel, located in Bklyn., NY. We tried to apply for Title 1 services and were told that the students nominated need to have been Tested with an authorized test. Can you assist me so that we can test this week or next week. Thank you. We have 2 seventh graders and 5 eight graders who are in need of testing.

We do apologize, but we do not offer testing services. We would recommend you reach out to Yeshiva Birchas Shmuel and seek a list of approved testing facilities or administrators so your results will be sure to be accepted by the school.
Thank you,
Team TestingMom

I have logged in to try the 100 free questions and cannot access any free questions. Please help.

Athena Figueroa


i would like additional information for my 8th grader who needs to test for the state of Pennsylvania. Is this test acceptable for the state of PA? how much does the test cost?

thank you

Hi Geneva –

Thank you for your comment!

There TerraNova test is used by many school districts across the nation. I would recommend reaching out to your district to find out the name of the test(s) that they use.

All the best,



Support services, aide at elementary school looking for ways to improve our scores and test taking over all.

Hi Donna –

Thank you for reaching out to us!

With a paid membership to, you would have full access to our website, including our printable practice questions for over 30 tests including state standards for all 50 states.

All the best,



Concerned parent

I may be inclined to enlist your help if you knew how to spell practice.?

Thank you for reaching out to us about this typo! We have corrected it!

All the best,



Do you have information on the new TerraNova test called TerraNova Next?

Hi Joan, YES! We have the newest practice materials for the Terra Nova test. Email us for more info.


Our daughter will be going into the 6th grade in August 2022. Her school gives the Terranova test every March. We are told that area high schools will look at the 6th-8th grade Terranova tests so I’m looking for. Way to get her ready. She always scored in the top 10% on March but recent years showed a little slip in her verbal/reading scores (We suspect lack of focus but want her to get better prepared for when it comes times for the March 2023 tests.). Our daughter is heavily involved with volleyball, travel softball, and other school activities so I wanted to first get a sense of what is the recommended weekly time commitment she would need if she started your programs this summer. So if you can give me a sense of that and any other info on your Terranova test prep I’d greatly appreciate it . Regards, Rob G

Hi Rob, it sounds like your daughter is an exceptional student! For more information on how we can help with the Terranova exam, please email us at


I want to learn more


Please email us at and we can help you with finding out more about the TerraNova Test!

See if supports your child’s test by your school district. If you don't see your child's school district listed, check with us! We have practice for other tests as well.

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