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The TerraNova is an achievement test, not a proficiency test such as the state administers. Proficiency tests are those in which students have been taught all of the content and are now being tested on whether or not they “got” it. Achievement tests, like the TerraNova, include content students may not have been specifically taught, but that they could be expected to have mastered according to their cognitive ability.

Here are a few practical ways to prepare your child for the TerraNova Test.  Have your child read as many books over various subjects on their grade level, noticing grammar, spelling, vocabulary, rhyming, identifying the main idea and summarizing.  For math, make sure your child understands concepts like sum or difference, comparison (more or less), and the value and identification of coins. Your child needs to be familiar with multiple choice tests, being sure they know how to eliminate answers that are incorrect first.  Also be sure your child takes his time and reads each question carefully.  Review material that is age-level and grade specific, as well, for science and social studies.

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The questions on the TerraNova tests are similar to questions on the ITBS and SAT10 tests.

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I am a grandparent looking for ways to help my grandson do well in Terra Nova Test.

Matthew Conrad

I need math questions for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

My son is going to have a test.


My grandson is attending 7th grade and we want him to perform well for the high school entrance examination.


I need to prepare my child (3rd grader) to perform better in terranova. Please let me know if your site can help with that. I have been members earlier but I get completely lost with all the options you provide.


I am teaching 1 and 2nd grade this year. Want to prepare my kids for the terranovas.


My grandchild (2nd grader) has vast knowledge of most any subjects but seems that doesn’t translate on Terra Nova test. This has prevented them from enter a higher education elementary school that would open the door to a higher educational high school. What can I do right now moving forward to prepare them for next year’s Terra Nova test?

Colibri Jenkins

I look forward to usong this material to aid in test preparation.

Hi Colibri,
We look forward to assisting you with your membership and test prep needs. Please reach out to us and let us know if you need guidance on your prep, site navigation, account management, or if you have questions about resources. We love to help!
Thank you,
Team TestingMom


I need English practice test for nova placement exam

Hi Zubeyda –

With a paid subscription to TestingMom, you have full access to our TerraNova practice materials from Kindergarten – 8th grade.

All the best,



Is there any way of getting the 100 free sample questions?


Jacquelyn Reeves

I am looking for information to help my son take the terra nova test.

Jacquelyn Reeves

My son will be taking the terra nova test and needs some help.

We have practice and sample questions for the Terra Nova and we have one-to-one tutoring if your son is needing more support for the test. let us know!


After purchasing these practice questions and practicing rather diligently with my daughter, she reported that the questions were not very similar. We are unhappy with this product due to this discrepancy and misplaced trust in preparation. The discrepancies in math were especially quite astonishing.


See if supports your child’s test by your school district. If you don't see your child's school district listed, check with us! We have practice for other tests as well.

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