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Terra Nova Test Scores | Understand TerraNova Scores

The TerraNova achievement scores indicate how well the child is doing in relation to students across the country.  The scores are returned in National Percentiles The 50th percentile means that a student is on grade level.

The following are types of scores used to report the TerraNova test results:

  • Scaled score
  • National Percentile Rank and Stanine
  • ACSI Percentile Rank
  • Normal Curve Equivalent
  • Cognitive Skills Index (PTCS and InView)
  • Anticipated Achievement Score (PTCS and InView)
  • Objectives Performance Index
  • Lexile for grades 1 – 8

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Tell us about your experiences

5 Responses


How do I access the 100 free test questions?


What does a 4.7 grade mean for a 4th grader?


I would like more information on the Terra Nova testing for 2nd grade.


Under Norm-Referenced Scores the “Local Percentile/Stanine” are included on the report. What does “Local” specifically refer to? The school, city, state, etc…???

Max Olivier

I will need more information about Terra Nova Testing for 7the grade

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