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WPPSI™ Test (Wechsler Preschool Primary Scale of Intelligence) Overview

What is the WPPSI?

The WPPSI (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence) uses subtests to determine a child’s Verbal and Performance IQ scores as well as the processing speed for children ages 2.5 years old to 7.25 years old. The WPPSI uses composite scores to assess a student’s general intellectual ability and cognitive functioning based on their test performance and current age. The test typically takes less than an hour and is given one-on-one by a trained psychologist.

The WPPSI-IV is often required by private schools and some gifted and talented programs or schools as part of the application screening and admissions process; it is administered by the Education Records Bureau (ERB). The WPPSI-IV can also be used to identify cognitive delays, learning disabilities and be combined with other tests to assess each child’s level of intellectual giftedness. To get started with all of the WPPSI testing material offered by Testing Mom, check out our 100 Free Questions.

Subtests on the WPPSI

The WPPSI-IV includes 14 different subtests in three specific types (Core, Supplemental or Optional). Children aged 2 years, 6 months to 3 years, 11 months are administered these 5 subtests:

  • Receptive Vocabulary
  • Block Design
  • Information
  • Object Assembly
  • Picture Naming

Children aged 4 years to 7 years, 7 months are administered the 5 subtests shown above as well as these additional subtests:

  • Vocabulary
  • Picture Concepts
  • Symbol Search
  • Word Reasoning
  • Coding
  • Comprehension
  • Picture Completion
  • Similarities
  • Matrix Reasoning


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5 Responses

emilie says:

Could you tell me who I can contact to have my son to do the WPPSI™-IV in New York City?
I need him to do this test urgently as it is requested for a school application in France.

Hunter College Elementary School Gifted and Talented Program | NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing says:

[…] be given in English, the Stanford-Binet® – 5 test. This test is like the WISC® test and WPPSI™ test, is an IQ test and only administered by a trained […]

Tracy says:

Could you tell me who I can contact to have my son to do the WPPSI™-IV in Japan or Hawaii?

rula says:

Can we use the wppsi for deaf and hard of hearing children aged 2 years, 6 months to 3 years, 11 months in the performance side

Sam says:

Hi Rula,

The WPPSI is administered by a Psychologist and it would depend on the Psychologist’s skill set or training if they were qualified to test a child with special needs and what test would be used. We cannot verify or deny this test would be suitable in this scenario as it would be the responsibility of the Psychologist to confirm this based on their abilities.