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OLSAT Test Level B

The OLSAT test Level B is intended to target children for entry into a gifted and talented program. This test provides an insight to parents as well as the educators into the child’s learning abilities and skills. Most tests that are given are meant to test in universally taught skills such as math, reading, science etc. By contrast, this test determines comprehension and reasoning, thinking skills, math based reasoning, quantitative reasoning and verbal comprehension.

The test is known to be broken down into seven different levels in which the first two levels are read aloud to the student while the higher levels are not. The results of this test can help determine whether a student will benefit best from and advanced school course or a gifted school course. In some cases the results of this test can help in identifying an aspect in which the child may require additional assistance.

Here are some sample OLSAT questions they ask 4-year-olds in New York City to enter into elite kindergartens.

Question: Milton was so hungry after baseball practice that he ate the 4 hotdogs you see in the first box. His brother, Biff, ate 2 hotdogs. Point to the box that shows how many more hotdogs Milton ate than Biff. Answer: 2

This is the type of question they expect a 4-year-old to answer in New York City for admissions into elite kindergartens.

This is the type of question they expect a 4-year-old to answer in New York City for admissions into elite kindergartens.

Here is more information for other levels for the OLSAT test by grade level:


The OLSAT has Verbal Reasoning questions and Verbal comprehension questions.

What is the purpose of the test?

  • The purpose of administering the OLSAT Test Level B varies between different institutions. Many schools give the test as an admissions exam to their school. Other schools administer the exam after the student has already been accepted into their school in order to determine the child’s educational placement in their school.
  • There are also schools that apply the test repeatedly to analyze how the student is learning and progressing individually and as compared to other students in their same age range.

Question: Grandma needs 7 apples to make applesauce. She has the number of apples you see in the first box in the row. Point to the box that shows how many more apples she needs for her recipe.  Answer: 5

OLSAT test following directions

When should I begin preparing my child for the test?

  • As soon as you are aware that your child is being tested on the OLSAT Test Level B, we advise that you begin to prepare as soon as possible so that your child will be able to achieve at their fullest potential.
  • There are a variety of ways in which you can help you child prepare for the test that they will be given to by their educator. You should always use a variety of materials to help your child prepare, if possible. There are many books as well as online games and activities that will help your child prepare for the test. These activities will help your child develop the skills that will be measured while they are being tested.
  • A little tip that will help your child before the actual day of the OLSAT Test Level B is to take a stroll or a drive by their testing place so that they can get a little feel of the surrounding so that they don’t experience too much anxiety of being in a new environment. It may also be a good idea to explain a little bit about the testing process. 

Here is an interactive video question for the OLSAT Level B:


Here’s a practice question for the OLSAT Test Level B:

When Gia went to the beach on Saturday, she saw the number of starfish you see in the first box. When she went to the beach on Sunday, Gia saw twice as many starfish as she saw on Saturday. Point to the box that shows how many starfish Gia saw on Sunday.

olsat level b

(Answer: 2nd image over the bubble)

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4 Responses

Leigh says:

Wondering if anyone else has noticed the apple question has the wrong answer. Pretty sure if Grandma needs seven apples and there are only two in that first box, then you would need five more apples.

shay says:

The answer to the 2nd question is actually 5, not 4.

Heather says:

They are saying that the correct answer choice is the 4th choice which is 5 apples

TestingMom.com says:

Yes, it’s the 4th choice with 5 apples.