OLSAT 6th-8th Grade Practice Test

OLSAT Test 6th-8th Grade – Level F

The OLSAT Level F is offered to children in 6th through 8th grade, particularly those entering private schools, gifted schools or another advanced placement institution. This exam may also be used to recognize areas of academic weakness that may need to be addressed. Level F targets grade appropriate quantitative and qualitative content areas, and like the other OLSAT levels, becomes progressively more difficult. The Level F test consists of 72 questions to be completed in a 60 minute time limit. If your child struggles with time management and pacing, then it is especially important to implement a time limit during practice exams.

It is noteworthy that this exam does not assess skills/content areas that are traditionally included in an academic curriculum. Instead, the test focuses on a student’s ability to use information to reason and problem solve. As a result, it is important that students begin preparing for the test as soon as possible. It is recommended that students take advantage of our practice questions and practice tests found on our site. This way, students can begin to familiarize themselves with the formatting and skills that they will encounter.

This page offers practice questions that will help both you and your child to become familiar with the content and format of the exam questions. For additional sample questions, sign up for our 100 free practice questions.

100 Free Gifted Practice Questions

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1.) If the words below were put in sentence order, the last word of the sentence would begin with-

2.) Choose the number that comes next in the series.

3.) The opposite of disparity is-

4.) Chris has three times as many hair ties as Jane. Jane has two-thirds as many hair ties as Bridget. Bridget has 27 hair ties. How any does Chris have?

5.) Which of these words do not follow the pattern?



1.) 2- The accident on the interstate caused a lot of collateral damage
2.) 2- “3”
3.) 1- similarity” which is the state of being similar or resembling. Disparity means a great difference.
4.) 2- “54”
5.) 4- “Faction” which means dissenting group within an organization; this is the opposite of coincide All the other sets of word are synonyms.

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