CogAT Test Flash Cards - 4th - 5th Grade (Level 10-11)



CogAT Test Flash Cards - 4th - 5th Grade (Level 10-11)

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The CogAT: Your Child’s Gateway to Academic Excellence & Opportunity

Many schools use the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) to determine entrance to their gifted and talented programs. If accepted, your children could enjoy:

  • Individualized learning opportunities tailored to their accelerated abilities. Instead of waiting for other kids to catch up, your kids will be challenged to develop at their more advanced pace.
  • A peer environment focused on excellence. In a traditional classroom setting, gifted kids may feel pressure to hide their abilities. In a gifted program, they can shine proudly among like-minded peers.
  • A foundation for academic excellence. Fostering gifted abilities at an early age can set your kids on the path toward a distinctive academic career with ample opportunities—entrance to competitive high school programs, admittance to the college of their choice and more.
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