Gifted Learning Flash Cards – Visual Spatial Concepts for 1st - 2nd Grade



Gifted Learning Flash Cards – Visual Spatial Concepts for 1st - 2nd Grade

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The Skills Behind Top Performance in Math, Reading and Gifted Testing

As adults, we take our visual-spatial skills for granted. When we see 2 + 2 = 4, we naturally understand that these numbers, all lined up, form an equation. When we see the letter W, we know it’s different from the letter M, even though they’re the same figure rotated 180 degrees.

Children, however, need to develop these abilities. Spatial skills give children the ability to understand where things are in space—and how they relate to each other. Kids need to have strong visual-spatial skills to excel…

  • In math: Mathematics relies heavily on understanding how numbers, symbols and objects relate to each other. Children with strong visual-spatial skills will shine in math, especially geometry and other advanced concepts.
  • On gifted tests: Many of these exams probe a child’s visual-spatial skills, especially the CogAT’s famous paper-folding questions.
  • Every day: Even something as simple as tying your shoes requires visual-spatial skills to align the laces and loop them properly.

Spatial Concepts Flash Cards Build Skills for:

  • Visual-spatial thinking
  • Figural analogies
  • Figure classification
  • Serial reasoning
  • Pattern matrices
  • Spatial visualization
  • Pattern completions
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Reading
  • Gifted testing and school readiness
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