Gifted Learning Flash Cards – Thinking & Problem-Solving (for Pre-K-Kindergarten)



Gifted Learning Flash Cards – Thinking & Problem-Solving (for Pre-K-Kindergarten)

Product Details Gifted Testing Flash Cards – Thinking & Problem-Solving include 72 cards covering 370+ learning activities conveyed through playful parent-child interaction.

  • Teach children the concepts they need for gifted and talented and achievement tests such as the CogAT® Test, OLSAT® Test, Iowa Test (ITBS® Test), SCAT® Test, WISC® Test, WPPSI™ Test, AABL® Test, InView™ Test, Woodcock-Johnson® Test, TerraNova® Test, Torrance® Test, KBIT™ Test and much more!
  • These cards will strengthen your child’s abilities in the following areas:
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creative Thinking
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Patterning, Sequencing, and Classifying
    • Logical Inferences
    • Spatial Reasoning
    • Persuading Skills
    • School Readiness
    • IQ and Achievement Test Readiness
    • and more!
  • Not just for students applying to gifted programs – these flash cards cover concepts all children are expected to demonstrate for Pre-K to Kindergarten readiness and success.
  • You’ll enjoy over 370 learning activities for hours of thought-provoking fun. Engage your children in learning with these colorful flash cards featuring our fun and colorful characters and create a powerful bond with your child by learning while playing together! When paired with a Fast Track Subscription, you will have all of the tools at your disposal to best prepare your child for any test that he or she might face.
  • Offers you and your child the chance to play and learn together while reducing screen time. Go through the flash cards with your child to practice, and then reinforce these abilities by asking your child similar questions throughout the day for lasting learning.
  • If the cards ever get dirty, you can easily wipe them off – the smudge proof finish makes them easy to clean.

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