Gifted Learning Verbal Concepts Flash Cards pack (for Pre-K- Kindergarten)



Gifted Learning Verbal Concepts Flash Cards pack (for Pre-K- Kindergarten)

Product Details Gifted Learning Flash Cards – Verbal Concepts Flash Cards pack (For Pre-K to Kindergarten) include 72 cards with up to four key concepts each for 175 concepts total.

  • Teach children the concepts using flash cards that they need to score well on early childhood verbal assessments, including the OLSAT, CogAT, WPPSI, WISC, Stanford-Binet, AABL, ITBS, IOWA, Bracken, SRT, KBIT, Terra Nova, SAT 10 and more!
  • These cards will strengthen your child’s abilities in the following areas:
    • Temporal (time)
    • Spatial (location)
    • Quantity (math)
    • Quality (description)
    • Ability to follow directions skills
    • Aural reasoning skills
    • Listening skills
    • Verbal skills
    • Quantitative reasoning skills
    • Language and vocabulary skills
  • Teach your child concepts such as top/middle/bottom, up/down, over/under/through, next to/beside/near, in front of/behind, before/after, between, near/far, above/below, diagonal/vertical/horizontal, and 150 more—all the easy-to-hard concepts Pre-K to Kindergarten students need to master for testing and school success.
  • On the back of each card, you’ll find additional questions to ask your child to deepen his or her understanding of each concept. You’ll enjoy 450+ additional questions total for hours of play and learning.
  • Gifted Testing Flash Cards are not just for students applying to gifted programs – these vocabulary cards cover temporal, spatial, quantity, and quality concepts all children are expected to master for school readiness and success
  • Plus, while you play with the Gifted Testing Flash Cards, you’ll be preparing your child for better scores on early childhood verbal assessments. A high score can open doors to gifted and talented, GATE, or G&T programs, as well as placement in advanced groups in public school and entrance to competitive private schools.

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