AABL® Test (Admissions Assessment for Beginning Learners)

How is the AABL Test Scored?

AABL scores are designed to help schools assess a child’s strengths in four multiple-choice sections compared to other children the same age. These sections are: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Early Literacy, and Mathematics.

A child’s AABL scores are based not only on how he or she performs individually, but on how other children of a similar age perform on the assessment.

The score report includes the following information for each section:

  • a raw score
  • a scaled score
  • a percentile rank
  • a stanine
  • and the number of items answered correctly, incorrectly, or skipped

Both the parent and the ERB member schools to which the child is applying may access the online score report approximately three to five business days after the test date.

Here is a sample of the score report your child will receive:

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