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Best Methods for CATS Success

The CATS is a cognitive test for admission to some of the most prestigious private schools in Dallas and Houston. The tests used by the Collaborative Academic Testing Service (CATS) for private school admissions are the WPPSI and the WISC tests. Explore TestingMom’s best methods for CATS testing Success.

Tips from Testing Mom for Successful Test Preparation

  • Ensure that your child waits to hear ALL of the instructions given before answering any practice questions.
  • Have your child do as many practice questions as he or she can – the more comfortable your child is with the material, the more confident he or she will feel!
  • Make practice fun! Call what you are doing “Brain Games” or “Puzzle Time”. Avoid the word “test”.
  • As much as possible, keep your preparations fun, as kids learn best that way.
  • There is no penalty for guessing, so have your child always make his or her best guess.
  • To improve their odds of guessing right, have your child ALWAYS eliminate answer choices that they feel are wrong before they guess.
  • Watch out for “distractors” – answers that seem obvious but are incorrect.
  • Practice with your child on staying focused and not being distracted by their surroundings.
  • Tell your child not to rush, but not to get stuck on one question either.
  • If your child feels anxious, teach them to use breathing techniques and positive self-talk to calm themself. According to Harvard psychologist Jeremy Jamieson, “Recent research suggests that stress doesn’t hurt performance on tests and can even help performance. People who feel anxious during a test might actually do better. If you find yourself feeling anxious, simply remind yourself that your stress could help you do well.”

Kids love to play games on your laptop or tablet, so you can feel confident letting your child practice as much as he or she likes using the interactive questions we offer in Digital Tutor.  All interactive learning games are accessible on our site and come included with any membership.

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