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NYC Gifted and Talented First Grade Information

While most NYC gifted and talented students enter the program in kindergarten, many also enter in first grade. Since there are less seats in the program available, it’s even more important that your child is prepared both academically and emotionally for the test. The first grade gifted and talented test still consist of the OLSAT test (Level A) and NNAT2  test. Your child’s comprehension, reasoning, and thinking skills will all be tested, through exercises like pattern completion and serial reasoning. View some sample questions for NYC Gifted and Talented, first grade, below.

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Sample OLSAT Level A Question for NYC Gifted and Talented First Grade:

Look at this chocolate box. It can fit 4 chocolates inside. Touch the box to the side that shows how many chocolates you could put in the chocolate box that would leave room for two more chocolates.

(Answer: Third from left)


Sample NNAT Question for NYC Gifted and Talented First Grade:

Look at the shapes in the boxes on the top 2 rows. Do you see how they are related to each other? Can you find the answer that goes in the empty box so the shapes in the bottom row will relate to each other in the same way as the shapes in the top 2 rows?

(Answer: D)


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