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NYC Gifted and Talented Second Grade Information

Even though most gifted and talented students in NYC have already entered the program by second grade, there’s still thousands of first graders testing for entry to a gifted and talented program for the next school year. Maybe your child was just recently selected for the program, or you have moved and want to try to get into a gifted and talented program at a new school. The OLSAT level B and NNAT2  tests are used, which test your child’s verbal comprehension, verbal reasoning, and pictorial reasoning skills. While students have already been in school for a few years by this point, they might not have developed some of these skills. Below are two examples of the types of questions found on the test:

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Sample OLSAT Level B Question for NYC Gifted and Talented Second Grade Test:

Look at the 4 numbers in the small boxes surrounded by the yellow box. Choose the box on the side that shows what would happen if the 6 and the 5 switched places and the 4 and the 9 stayed the same.

(Answer: second from the left)


Sample NNAT Question for NYC Gifted and Talented Second Grade Test:

Look at the pictures on the top two rows. If you combine the first tow boxes in each row, it will look like the third picture. Now look at the two boxes in the bottom row. Choose the answer that shows what it would look like if you combined the pictrues in the boxes on the bottom row.

(Answer: D)


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