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Common Questions and Answers about i-Ready Diagnostic Test

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1. What is the i-Ready Diagnostic?

The i-Ready Diagnostic is a computer adaptive achievement assessment in Mathematics and Reading. i-Ready is an educational tool established in 2011, which combines both diagnostic testing and a personalized instruction program. Designed for students from kindergarten through eighth grade, i-Ready creates a unique, research-based lesson plan for each child, tailored to their individual performance on the i-Ready Diagnostic test. This gives teachers the ability to modify the sequence of lessons or add new ones based on their understanding of their students’ needs.

2. What is a computer adaptive test?

i-Ready dynamically adapts to a student’s responses. As your child works through the questions, three consecutive correct answers will result in more difficult questions, while three consecutive incorrect answers will result in easier questions. Questions on the i-Ready Diagnostic can range up to 3-grade levels higher than your child’s current grade level.

3. What is the purpose of the i-Ready Diagnostic?

As an adaptive test, the purpose of the i-Ready is to determine how to best support your child’s learning. i-Ready also includes personalized instruction, which your child’s school may use to complement their everyday curriculum.

4. How often is the i-Ready Diagnostic administered?

The i-Ready Diagnostic may be administered up to three times a year.

  • Fall Administration – Beginning of school year – November 15
  • Winter Administration – November 16 – March 1
  • Spring Administration – March 2 – end of school year

5. What domains are covered for Math and Reading?

These domains are covered on all math tests:

  • Algebra and Algebraic Thinking
  • Geometry
  • Measurement and Data
  • Numbers and Operations

These domains are covered on reading tests:

  • Comprehension: Literature (K-8)
  • Comprehension: Informational Text (K-8)
  • High-Frequency Words (K-2 only; 3-8 depending on child’s performance)
  • Phonics (K-2 only; 3-8 depending on child’s performance)
  • Phonological Awareness (K-1 only; 2 depending on child’s performance)

6. Why use i-Ready?

i-Ready serves the purpose of delivering customized education to meet the diverse needs of all learners. It aids teachers in planning instructions, setting learning goals, and tracking student progress. The i-Ready Diagnostic test offers valuable data about students’ learning requirements, helping teachers connect students with i-Ready’s math and reading instructions, proven to elevate academic success.

7. Who is behind i-Ready?

i-Ready was brought to life in 2011 by Curriculum Associates, aiming to foster equitable learning for all students. Its development involved careful inputs from educators to identify student needs and support teachers in providing personalized instructions. The data provided by i-Ready Assessment is trusted by educators, and it is based on the industry’s most current and thorough research. The program is continually enhanced based on the latest research findings, educator insights, and customer feedback.

8. Does i-Ready waste time?

Absolutely not. i-Ready Diagnostic offers valuable insights to teachers, helping them identify individual student needs and promote significant progress. We understand the value of classroom learning time and believe that technology should provide high-quality, engaging, and productive learning experiences that contribute positively to student growth. Our recommendations regarding the amount of time students should spend on the program are backed by rigorous research, aiming to maximize learning gains while preventing overuse.

9. Does i-Ready harm student achievement?

No, it doesn’t. i-Ready, both its testing and personalized instruction tools, are grounded in research and proven to support student achievement. Studies on the impact of i-Ready have shown positive effects on students’ reading and math achievements, including those with disabilities, English Learners, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and students of color.

10. How does i-Ready work to provide targeted instruction to students?

i-Ready works year-round, assisting both students and teachers with assessments and instruction. It evaluates students at the start, mid, and end of the academic year, helping teachers measure growth, set goals, and plan instructions. It also aids teachers in identifying students’ mastery of grade-level standards.

11. What research backs i-Ready?

i-Ready’s instructional and assessment products are based on extensive research and designed by experts. Our programs start with a broad research base, followed by a continual cycle of research, review, and improvement. Numerous studies have shown how i-Ready Personalized Instruction enhances the reading and mathematics skills of students.

12. Has i-Ready received independent awards or reviews?

Yes, i-Ready has been recognized with several industry awards, including the CODiE Award for Best Student Assessment Solution. It has also received positive ratings from respected organizations like the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) and the Buros Center for Testing.

13. Can i-Ready be used at home?

Absolutely. i-Ready supports remote and hybrid learning models, allowing students to take their i-Ready tests at home and work through i-Ready lessons online. Resources are available in the Family Support center to help teachers and families ensure the reliability of remote testing results and support student instruction.

14. Can homeschoolers use i-Ready?

While i-Ready is typically purchased by school districts or schools rather than individual families, it can certainly be used by students learning at home, given they have the necessary logins provided by their school or district.

15. Does i-Ready replace teachers?

Not at all. i-Ready is designed as a supportive tool for teachers, providing them with crucial data to guide their instruction and differentiation. It does not replace the irreplaceable role of a teacher but assists them in developing meaningful relationships with students.

17. How does i-Ready support equity in the classroom?

i-Ready aims to help every learner access grade-level work and succeed. It offers high-quality, engaging, and inclusive content, along with assessment tools, to foster a learning environment in which every student can thrive.

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