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The NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test) and NNAT3 (Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test, Second Edition) are assessments frequently utilized by schools to determine a child’s eligibility for enrollment in gifted and talented programs. These programs often have limited spots available, and competition can be high. So, it’s essential to start preparing your child well in advance, preferably two to four months ahead of the test date.

Preparation involves developing the nonverbal skills necessary for success on these tests, including spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and sequence identification. By starting early, your child has ample time to become familiar with these skills and gain confidence in their abilities, which can significantly improve their performance on test day.

Additionally, a gradual and consistent preparation approach is more effective than cramming or last-minute studying. It allows your child to build a strong foundation in these skills, making them better equipped to handle the test’s challenges and achieve a higher score.

In summary, early preparation for the NNAT and NNAT3 tests is vital because it gives your child the time to develop the essential nonverbal abilities required for gifted program eligibility and increases their chances of success in a competitive testing environment.

Both NNAT versions are nonverbal, focusing on spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and sequence identification. We strongly recommend daily play of our engaging online games, tailored to enhance these essential skills. This consistent practice will effectively prepare your child for the test.

  • Pattern Puzzlers
  • Pattern Tile Galaxy
  • Planet Pattern Tiles
  • Pattern Blast!
  • IQ Fun Tree
  • Digital Tutor

Both tests use only two colors, blue and yellow, but our practice questions on the site display in full color to engage and excite children during test preparation.

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3 Tips to Make NNAT Prep Fun

  • Purchase several jigsaw puzzles and make a family habit of completing them together. Younger kids can start with puzzles that have larger pieces and are quick to assemble, then work their way up to the harder ones. Allow your child to select the theme, character, or colors to maintain engagement and prevent boredom.
  • Buy a hole punch and some plain or colored paper. Some kids struggle with abstract concepts. A practical example can help them grasp spatial visualization questions. Folding paper and showing transformations before and after unfolding is effective.
  • Take turns pointing out patterns and sequences in real life. Whether it’s counting triangles on a jungle gym at the playground or how many lasagna noodles fit in the pan,  you’ll find examples everywhere! Encourage sorting white shirts before others. Create snack patterns like raisin, pretzel, peanut. Explore patterns in your home for indoor fun.

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