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OLSAT Test 2nd Grade – Level C

The OLSAT test level C is a multiple choice exam that is administered to children at the second grade level. This type of exam is known to measure children’s reasoning, verbal and nonverbal abilities. In addition the test is a common exam administered by the schools district to determine a child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as measure their academic progress. Here are three sample questions for the OLSAT Level C. For additional practice, view our 100 free practice questions.

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Which figure doesn’t belong?

Sample OLSAT Level C Question

(Answer: 2nd from left)

Look at the words below. Four of them belong together and one does not. Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. Lake
  2. Pool
  3. Ocean
  4. Stream
  5. River

(Answer: Pool)

The picture in the top row are related in a particular way. Look at the answers and find the one picture that belongs in the empty space.

OLSAT Level C Sample Question

(Answer: Third from the left)

As a dedicated parent focusing on your child’s education you’ll begin preparing your child for this test as soon as you find out they’re taking it. The programs that use this test for admission are typically very competitive and other parents may be preparing their child months or even years in advance. The exam will cover verbal comprehension and following directions, verbal reasoning skills involving mathematical and auditory analysis. Figural reasoning skills that your child will need include figural classification, analogy and series as well as pattern matrices. Pictorial reasoning skills will also be included on the OLSAT test level C; for example, picture analogy and classification.

You should keep in mind that testing for the test can last anywhere from 50 minutes to about an hour of testing time. Children will be prone to a range of about 60 testing questions that will be administered to them during the duration of the test.

Here is more information for other levels for the OLSAT test by grade level:

The OLSAT has Verbal Reasoning questions and Verbal comprehension questions.

How should I prepare my child for the test?

  • It is always best to begin preparing your child for the test as soon as possible. This will help in getting your child exposed to the feel of the test so that they are not overwhelmed on exam day. Many schools do not reveal that your child will be tested until about a couple of weeks prior to the date that they will be administer the exam. But don’t worry, it’s never too late to begin practicing. As soon as you’re aware that your child will be taking the OLSAT test level C, you can start to work with your child on preparing for the test so that they can work to the best of their abilities.
  • If your child gets bored easily (and whose child doesn’t?), you can use a variety of materials to prepare them for the test to help them stay engaged and even excited about preparing for the test. Including interactive online games and other fun activities that measure the skills your child will need for success on the test is a good way to keep test prep light and fun.

Watch Alyssa in the video below answer some tough questions for the New York City Gifted and Talented test:

Here’s a short video that tells you how to best prepare for the OLSAT test level C:

100 Free Gifted Practice Questions

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Angelina Weston

If a student is color blind, will that have any impact on their performance for the second grade assessment?

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