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PAT (Progressive Achievement Test) Reading Test – Overview

To ensure your child scores well on the PAT, they must be well-prepared and confident. Without preparation, your child may face disadvantages compared to those who are prepared.

Fortunately, a solution exists. Testing Mom has aided thousands of kids in improving PAT Reading Test scores. Additionally, members find ongoing value in Testing Mom’s educational content even after testing. Remarkably, a single membership can benefit all children in the family.

The Testing Mom Advantage

The PAT Reading Test is widespread in the United States. Testing Mom offers extensive support, including practice questions, online resources, and expert guidance. All these resources come with a Testing Mom membership.

The PAT Reading Test assesses students’ understanding of various text types, including narrative, instructional, persuasive, and poetic. It measures their reading comprehension skills effectively.

This test typically includes passages and multiple-choice questions. These questions evaluate students’ ability to understand and interpret the text.  This test is designed to gauge a student’s reading comprehension skills, including their ability to:

Key Skills Assessed in the Reading Test

  • comprehend and interpret written information,
  • make inferences and draw conclusions from text,
  • identify the main ideas and supporting details in a passage,
  • recognize vocabulary and word meaning in context, and
  • determine the author’s purpose, tone, and point of view.

Understanding PAT Reading Test Timing and Common Mistakes

Students’ test schedules vary by grade and season. Most take PAT reading tests in spring to assess skills and progress. Some schools choose fall testing to focus on diagnostics, while others test in both seasons for continuous monitoring. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of student development throughout the year.

When your child takes the PAT Reading Test, be vigilant for common errors. At, we’ve noticed that even bright children may struggle without test-taking experience, especially if they lack practice with a specific test format. Many essential test-taking skills aren’t taught in school, limiting practice. Consequently, students may misinterpret directions, lose focus, neglect answer choices, struggle with question comprehension, fail to eliminate wrong answers, and waste time on challenging questions.

While observing your child on practice tests, be alert to common errors. Gently correct them and provide guidance and practice for improved performance during the actual test. This ensures a fair and accurate evaluation.

100 Free Practice Questions

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Since the PAT Reading Test is a test that assesses your child’s reading comprehension level,’s practice questions, that are similar to the test, can be very helpful in building your child’s underlying skills, experience, and confidence.

How Testing Mom Helps With PAT Reading Test Prep

Testing Mom online test prep equips kids with the skills and knowledge required to tackle these assessments confidently and successfully. Here’s how Testing Mom can assist with the PAT Reading Test and how parents can play a crucial role in this process:

PAT Reading Test Support

  • Comprehensive Material: offers a wide range of study material aligned with the content of the PAT Reading Test. It includes online practice questions, interactive games, skill-building exercises, and printable worksheets. This vast selection allows parents to choose the learning method that best suits their child, ensuring an effective and engaging study experience.
  • Tailored Learning:  The platform customizes the learning content based on the child’s grade level, ensuring the material is suitable and challenging enough to boost their reading abilities. This tailored learning approach aids in the comprehensive understanding and mastery of the topics that the PAT Reading Test will assess.
  • Skill Development:  The PAT Reading Test evaluates students’ abilities to understand and analyze written text, make inferences, identify key concepts, grasp word meanings in context, and discern the author’s purpose, tone, and viewpoint. provides specific practice questions and resources for each of these areas, allowing children to develop the necessary skills systematically. If you ever run out of practice questions in our Reading Test Section on the website, we can direct you to other specific tests covered on the site where more similar questions can be found.  In addition, we can send you to 3rd party reading programs available as part of your membership in our Skill Building Academy where these skills can be honed in fun ways.
  • Parental Support: also offers resources for parents, including a guide to understanding reading testing, strategies for test prep, and tips on how to support their child’s learning journey. This helps parents feel more equipped to assist their child in preparing for the test.
100 Free Practice Questions

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How Parents Can Further Help With PAT Reading Test Prep

  • Regular Practice:  Parents should ensure their child regularly practices using Consistency is key in reinforcing the skills and knowledge gained. Testing Mom also offers one-to-one online tutoring at super affordable prices! You can schedule a free call with one of our educational advisors to learn more about how our one-to-one tutoring can help your child soar on the PAT Reading Test!
  • Encourage a Growth Mindset:  It’s important for parents to foster a growth mindset in their children, emphasizing that intelligence can be developed and that effort leads to improvement. This helps children approach the PAT Reading Test with a positive and resilient attitude.
  • Healthy Environment:  Parents should provide a quiet, comfortable space for children to study, free of distractions. Also, maintaining a healthy balance between work and play is crucial to avoid burnout.
  • Monitor Progress:  Parents can use Testing Mom’s Digital Tutor to track their child’s progress for PAT Reading Test success, identifying areas of strength and weakness. This can help parents provide specific support where it’s most needed and discover how Testing Mom tutoring can help for that extra added boost.
  • Open Communication:  Parents should maintain an open dialogue with their child about their upcoming test. It’s essential to discuss any worries or concerns their child may have and to reassure them that a test is merely a way to show what they’ve learned.

By using and following these guidelines, parents can support their child in preparing for the PAT Reading Test. This combination of online learning and parental support can help students approach their test with confidence and perform to the best of their abilities.

How to get the most out of PAT Reading Practice Tests and Questions

When working through a PAT Reading practice test, ensure a quiet, well-lit workspace for your child during PAT Reading practice. Recommend 30-minute chunks with breaks for better focus and clarity.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • If you print the practice test from a download on the website, separate the practice test from the instructions.
  • Have some soft, black #2 pencils and good erasers to use.

When Your Child Is Taking the Practice Test:

  • Give your child one set of questions at a time. First, go through the sample questions in the set to make sure your child knows what to do.
  • Then, allow your child to work through the rest of the questions if you don’t need to read individual question prompts. There may be some questions which the parent needs to read for the child.
  • Read instructions exactly as they are written. Do not paraphrase them.
  • Give your child breaks as needed.
  • Once the practice questions start, don’t give your child feedback or help unless he or she is confused about what to do. Review all answers after the practice session is over.
  • At the end of each set of questions, give your child positive feedback for working hard and doing his or her best! This will help to instill a sense of motivation and confidence in your child!

For additional preparation for the PAT Reading Test, join where we have hundreds more practice questions for your child, along with engaging on-line prep games.

100 Free Practice Questions

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PAT Quick Facts

  • Publisher – Australian Council for Educational Research
  • Latest Version – PAT – 5th Edition
  • Age Range – K – 12
  • Test Format – Paper-Based or Computer-Based
  • Testing Time – 30-60 minutes

Purpose of the PAT

  • To evaluate how well a student can understand and interpret written text,
  • To determine a person’s strengths and weaknesses in reading comprehension abilities,
  • To track and monitor a student’s progress in reading comprehension over time.



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