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How is the WASI Scored?

The WASI-II (Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence) is initially scored by converting the test taker’s raw score into a scale score. The scale score represents a common scale that allows for a quantitative comparison between a population of students. From there, the scale score is transformed into a composite score. For example, a composite score on the WASI-II could look like a numerical value of “90-109”. Traditionally, this score represents ‘average” performance. Additionally, on the tester’s scoring sheet, they will also likely see a score labeled percentile ranking (PR). This score demonstrates how the test taker scored against his or her peers. For example, if there is a 70 in this region then the individual will know that they scored better than 70 percent of the other test takers.

Standard Score Ranges for the WASI

“Superior” Performance: 130 and beyond. Individuals who score in this range are considered to be in the superior or “gifted” range.

“Very High” Performance: 120-129. Individuals who score in this range as classified as performing at a high level.

“Bright Normal” Performance: 110-119.

“Average”: 90-109

“Low Average”: 80-89

“Borderline Mental Functioning”: 70-79

The WASI provides a brief measure of cognitive ability. It can be used to screen for intellectual giftedness, assess cognitive functioning, or to identify learning difficulties.

Tell us about your experiences

2 Responses

I need help to understand my sons results please. Similarities 1, vocabulary 1, block design 0.2, Matrix Reasoning 1. Verbal comprehensive 65 (1st Percentile), Perceptual Reasoning 57 (0.2nd Percentile), FSIQ 60 (0.4th Percentile)

Hi Pebbles –

Thank you for reaching out to us. We recommend contacting the psychiatrist that administered the test to help with this information.

All the best,


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