Bracken School Readiness Assessment™ (BSRA™ Test)

The Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA Test) is an individual cognitive test designed for children, pre-K, kindergarten, first grade and second grade.

The Bracken Test first published in 2002 was written by Bruce Bracken, PhD. The Bracken Test scores can be converted to percentile rank scores and standard test scores. The publisher has supporting guides for converting standard Bracken test scores into criterion categories. The BSRA test can be used with children as young as 2.6 years of age. The Bracken Test contains six subtests the child will be tested on:

  • Colors — child needs to identify common colors by name (i.e. red, blue)
  • Letters — child needs to know lower-case and upper-case letters
  • Numbers and Counting — the child must identify single- and double-digit numerals, and must be able to count items up to 1 to 99.
  • Sizes — child must demonstrate knowledge of words used to depict size during Bracken test (e.g., short, long, etc.)
  • Comparisons — child needs to differentiate or match objects based on a specific characteristic.
  • Shapes — child needs to knowledge of basic shapes by name.

The Bracken School Readiness Assessment is currently being used for admittance to the New York City Gifted and Talented Program. The Bracken test counts as 25% of the test score for the NYC G&T test while the OLSAT® test counts for the other 75% of the test score. provides practice questions for the Bracken test and Bracken test prep ideas you can use with your child.

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23 Responses to “Bracken School Readiness Assessment™ (BSRA™ Test)”

oliveen says:


Our site is for pre-k through first grade testing for OLSAT, Bracken, WPPSI and Stanford-Binet.

Irina says:

I have recently read your book “Testing for Kindergarten” and have recommended the book to my friends, a must have for all parents!!!

I have signed up my 4 year old for the NYC G&T test and trying to find out how many questions there are on the test, and what the break down is between OLSAT and Bracken questions. Also curios about how the scoring is done, whether some questions are weighed more than others… I thank you in advance for your reply!

– Testing Mom :) says:

Hi Irina – we’re glad you read the book! It’s a “must read” for any parent with a young child and we’ve received positive feedback from lots of parents.

On the tests, it’s 128 questions – 40 questions for OLSAT portion and 88 for the Bracken piece.

On your other questions those really require in-depth responses from one of our experts on As a Top 1%, 5% or 10% member you can ask your more in-depth questions to our experts pertaining to your personal situation.


Mike says:

Hi – My son is 4 and scored on the Bracken test like an average 6 yr old. He attends a pre-kindergarten at Primrose in Colorado and we are not sure what his high score means. He was in the 98% of all Primrose kids nationwide. We are not sure what we should be doing for him next. We are starting to look at private schools for kindergarten and 1st grade. Any assistance would be appreciated!

Luis says:

Hi, I would like to know if you can send me a sample of the bsra test.

Thank You in advance

Mike, I’m with you with the question you have. What to do next… My daughter tested last September (2010) and she was 3 yrs 10 months and just started the Pre-K I program, but the test (also administered at a Primrose, but ours is in North Carolina) said she was testing at the age equivalent of a 5 yr 8 month old, also at the 98%. She will be tested again this week (I’m told they are the same questions as last fall).

I would also like to see a sample BSRA test.

Thanks, Melissa

Tong says:

I would like to see a sample of BSRA test.
Thank you. says:

new york city G&T test is colorable or black and white? says:

The OLSAT test is in black and white the NNAT-2 Naglieri Non-verbal Abilities Test is in colors. says:

I would like to see sample question.

sittie aisah says:

I would like to see sample question, as well the scoring.

LaVerne Colvin says:

I am trying to open a day care. I would like to see some examples of test items
and how they are scored

Jon Hood says:

Hi Laverne – I would take a look at some of our practice questions on the site. Once you have a membership, you can access them via the blue bars on the left hand side of the homepage. We don’t score them; however, there are answer sheets at the end of each set of practice questions.

Joann says:

Can someone please confirm whether the NYC G&T test is composed with 25% BSRA and 75% OLSAT as shown above or 50% OLSAT and 50% NNAT as other page showed. Thanks, says:

The NYC Dept of Ed changed the test last year to the OLSAT and NNAT-2 test. The OLSAT is 50% while the NNAT-2 is the other 50%. The BSRA Bracken is no longer used for NYC gifted and talented admissions.

Brandee says:

Mike and Melissa- I’m not sure how old your comments are, but I’m in the same Primrose boat! I didn’t see her age equivalent, but I’ll look this evening. She scored in the 98% of other Primrose kids nationwide. I’m looking for what to do next. Is Primrose a good indicator of her future or is the 98% ranking too small of a sample?

Barbara says:

I would like the tests for nyc g&t sample. How do I find the, on your site?

Ruchi says:


I have a 3 yr. old that I am prepping and would like a copy of the BSRA sample test.


Abby says:

For everyone who is asking for sample questions and protocols–They cannot be distributed to the general public. This is a standardized test like the WISC and WAIS and therefore, test questions cannot be shared or made public. Schools would not be able to appropriately test children if everyone prepped for these tests. Please stop asking because ethically and legally, this information cannot be shared. says:

The questions on our site are not actual questions from any test. We use concepts from the tests like the WISC and BSRA from publicly available information. We strongly discourage parents showing a child actual questions from the real test. Our practice materials help support the underlying skills a child needs to know for these tests – not the actual questions from the test.

Bridget Bates says:

I have used this test before and would like to use it at school. I just want to know how much is the test to purchase?

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