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Best Methods for Bracken Test Prep

Know How the Test Works

The BSRA test assesses whether or not your child knows basic information that children should have acquired by a particular age. It is the same for Pre-K as it is through 2nd grade. There are no levels. Younger children can miss more questions on the Bracken than older children can miss. At the pre-K level, the Bracken is always given at the same time as the OLSAT. For older children, they are sometimes given separately when they are given in school.

The test is administered individually, with no time limit required. The length of time the Bracken School Readiness Assessment test depends solely upon the child’s capabilities. The test makes use of verbal and visual needs.

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Test Prep Tips

  • Colors: Make sure your child can identify common colors by name.
  • Letters: Your child will also have to know all the letters, both upper-case and lower-case.
  • Numbers & Counting: Your child must be able to identify single AND double-digit numerals and be able to count from 1 to 99.
  • Size and other comparisons:Your child will have to demonstrate knowledge of comparative words such as short, long, big, bigger, tall, tallest, large, larger, little, tiny, light, or heavy, to name a few. Make sure you child can differentiate or match objects based on other comparative words like narrow, wide, shallow, deep, equal, identical, different, or opposite.
  • Shapes: Your child needs to be able to identify basic shapes by name. These would be two-dimensional shapes like square and triangle and 3-dimensional shapes like cylinder, cone and sphere.

In preparing your child for the Bracken School Readiness Assessment Examination, there are several supplementary aids in helping your child be better equipped in taking the test.

Additional Resources for Test Prep

Here are some of the many additional resources to serve as tools in preparing your child achieve optimal results in taking the Bracken School Readiness Assessment test:

Purposeful Play for Early Childhood Phonological Awareness
This is well suited for children in the second grade level, and is focused in making use of phonology as an antecedent to the road to reading as this book is designed to help the child make use of the sounds such as through songs, role plays, and games requiring interaction from the audience. Through such, identification of words, syllabication, and mastering rhymes are made easy and fun for the child.

My First Brain Quest
A game making use of questions through pictures, this book is made specifically for children 2-3 years of age or those in the pre-K level. This supplementary tool makes interaction captivating enough for children with short attention span yet at the same time, promotes language development, and improvement in the child’s cognitive skills and abilities.

Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1
Made for children in the pre-K level, Mathematical Reasoning caters to the child’s development of problem solving skills in mathematics, paving the way to better deal with higher mathematical challenges in the long run.

Can You Find Me?
This makes use of pictures as answers to riddles given by the ones presenting said picture cards verbally. Using such can make recognizing pictures easily, thus ensuring quick identification of the child with regards to the riddles presented.

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