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How is the Bracken Test Scored?

BSRA scoring yields a school-readiness composite, including the following:

  • raw scores
  • scaled scores
  • composite scores
  • percentile ranks
  • descriptive classifications

Raw scores identify the number of items answered correctly on a subtest. Interpreting a child’s performance based on only subtest raw scores provides limited information because test items are not equal; some items are purposely created to be more difficult than others. Therefore, it is necessary to convert raw scores to a common or standard scale.

Scaled scores are raw scores which have been converted to a standard scale. Scaled scores can be used specifically to compare the child’s performance to a normative sample representative of his or her same age peers.

Composite scores are derived from adding the scores from two or more subtests together. Both the Receptive TC and Receptive SRC are composite scores that have been converted to a standard scale.

Percentile ranks represent the position of a child’s test performance relative to other same age peers who also took the test. For example, a percentile rank of 60 means that the child earned a score that was equal to or greater than 60% of the children who took the test.

Descriptive classifications describe the rate of a child’s conceptual development as being average or within degrees of advanced development (i.e., Advanced, Very Advanced) or delayed development (i.e., Delayed, Very Delayed).


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3 Responses


Hi, i have torn my manual over the years and i am missing the score sheets of percentile rank and standard score. I have the percent mastery table of subtest and SRC in appendix b. Are you able to send me a pdf of the other scores?

Hi Esther,

I would like to apologize, but we do not offer the actual test and do not have access to the scoring information. I would encourage you to reach out to Pearson Learning for this information.

Thank you,


Further to my first email – i was referring to the school readiness assessment. Thank you

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