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How is the CCAT Test Scored?

Results of the CCAT™7 contain a composite score, combining verbal, quantitative and non-verbal abilities. This score indicates the scope and strength of a student’s overall cognitive ability for learning.

Scores are a composite of all three of the CCAT 7 batteries. Each student receives a score report with three different scores. The Age Percentile Rank (APR) ranks a student with others in his or her age group. The Grade Percentile Rank (GPR) ranks a student within his or her grade. The Stanine (S) score, relays a specific range of scores that have predetermined ranks-—9 being very high, 1 being very low, and 4–6 being average.

Click HERE to see the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test Interpretation

The CCAT 7 is “norm-referenced,” so it ranks students, comparing the performance of each child to other same age/grade children (from a norm group) who took the same test under similar conditions.

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2 Responses

Rajesh says:

What happens next ? I have seen the results for my daughter and she has done really well? She is only in Grade 4 now, but I really want to know what next?

Lauren says:

What is the percentage for average and above?