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How is the CCAT Test Scored?

Results of the CCAT™7 contain a composite score, combining verbal, quantitative and non-verbal abilities. This score indicates the scope and strength of a student’s overall cognitive ability for learning.

Scores are a composite of all three of the CCAT 7 batteries. Each student receives a score report with three different scores. The Age Percentile Rank (APR) ranks a student with others in his or her age group. The Grade Percentile Rank (GPR) ranks a student within his or her grade. The Stanine (S) score, relays a specific range of scores that have predetermined ranks-—9 being very high, 1 being very low, and 4–6 being average.

Click HERE to see the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test Interpretation

The CCAT 7 is “norm-referenced,” so it ranks students, comparing the performance of each child to other same age/grade children (from a norm group) who took the same test under similar conditions.

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4 Responses

Rajesh says:

What happens next ? I have seen the results for my daughter and she has done really well? She is only in Grade 4 now, but I really want to know what next?

Lauren says:

What is the percentage for average and above?

Jake says:

Rajesh when your daughter is in Grade 5, she might be qualified for the Gifted and Talented program. If she is she will have to do another test along with whoever else qualified. (If anyone else did) If she qualifies, she gets to go to a different school to learn stuff that isn’t taught in a normal Grade 5 class.

Cindy says:

If I have the raw scores… is there somewhere I can calculate the percentile scores (APR)?

Canadian data?