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How is the CCAT Test Scored?

Results of the CCAT 7 (Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test) contain a composite score, combining verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal abilities. This score indicates the scope and strength of a student’s overall cognitive ability for learning.

A student’s score on the CCAT 7 is based only on how many questions are answered correctly. If a student answers questions incorrectly or skips a question entirely, it will not affect the score. The raw score is based on the total number of questions answered correctly out of 50.

Scores are a composite of all three of the CCAT 7 batteries. Each student receives a score report with three different scores.

The Age Percentile Rank (APR) ranks a student with others in his or her age group. If a student receives a score of  54, this score means that he or she performed as well or better than 54% of the students in the same age group, but worse than the remaining 46%.

Percentile Rank              Range
98+                                     Very Superior
91-97                                  Superior
75-90                                  High Average
25-74                                  Average
9-24                                    Low Average
2-8                                      Low
below 2                              Very Low

*Students who receive scores that fall between the 25th and 74th percentile indicate average performance.

The Grade Percentile Rank (GPR) ranks a student within his or her grade.

The Stanine (S) score relays a specific range of scores that have predetermined ranks-—9 being very high, 1 being very low, and 4–6 being average.

Click HERE to see the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test Interpretation

The CCAT 7 is “norm-referenced,” so it ranks students, comparing the performance of each child to other same age/grade children (from a norm group) who took the same test under similar conditions.


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11 Responses


What happens next ? I have seen the results for my daughter and she has done really well? She is only in Grade 4 now, but I really want to know what next?


What is the percentage for average and above?


Rajesh when your daughter is in Grade 5, she might be qualified for the Gifted and Talented program. If she is she will have to do another test along with whoever else qualified. (If anyone else did) If she qualifies, she gets to go to a different school to learn stuff that isn’t taught in a normal Grade 5 class.


If I have the raw scores… is there somewhere I can calculate the percentile scores (APR)?

Canadian data?


My son got a composite score 7 in 88th grade 4 there any chance of him getting in to gifted program.what to do next if we need to get him into the program?

Please reach out to your school district to learn more about appeals, re-testing, and options for your child. Each School District has unique guidelines on how to handle re-test or appeals for entry into their gifted program. We do wish you luck and apologize as we just are unable to track the rules for each school district.
All the best,
Team TestingMom



What’s required to be accepted into the gifted learning program. Results of CCAT 7 for Composite (VQN) are:

Standard Age Score: 135
Age Stanine 9
Age percentile rank 99

Does this not qualify acceptance? The one thing the resulting documentation doesn’t do well is break down the numbers. Is a certain percentage required in each ability? If so it would be great if they identified that in the result documentation.

These are very nice scores, but the cutoff can vary from School District to School District. I would recommend reaching out to your School, but based on our experience, these are qualifying scores for most Gifted Programs.
Thank you,

I don’t know what is considered gifted?!
My daughter got a Standard Age Score 123
Age Stanine 8, and Age Percentile 92.
Does anyone have experience in that?

Hi There,

The CCAT would be scored similarly to how the Cogat is scored. I would refer you to this link so you can get an idea of that those numbers mean. Please use the following link to go to our Cogat test page.

CogAT Scores: Understand Test Results



Curious to know if the gifted school will consider only the composite score or all 3 individually. My daughter qualifies in the very high range for verbal and quantitative, but for non verbal its above average. The composite score however is in the very high range too. Just curious on which score to focus on.


See if supports your child’s test by your school district. If you don't see your child's school district listed, check with us! We have practice for other tests as well.

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