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How is the InView Test Scored?

The Norm-Referenced Scores graph summarizes the student’s performance on each InView subtest. The Non-verbal portion of the test is comprised of the first three subtests: Sequences, Analogies, and Quantitative Reasoning which are combined to give a Total non-verbal score. Verbal Reasoning-Words and Verbal Reasoning-Context are comprised to give a Total verbal score. The Total Score is obtained by averaging the scale scores of all five subtests.

Scale Scores (SS) are designed to measure student achievement from elementary school through high school. Scale scores range from 0 to 999. InView subtests are “scaled” separately, meaning that the scale scores for one subtest cannot be compared with the scale scores of another. Scale Scores are expected to increase with each grade level.

National Stanines by Age (NSA) and Grade (NSG) are standard scores based on a scale of nine equal units that range from a high of 9 and a low of 1. Stanines are single digits that are not likely to be confused with percentages of test items answered correctly. Stanines are units measured on an equalinterval scale, and can be readily compared, but are less precise than a percentile rank. Stanine numbers represent: 1 to 3 are considered below average. 4 to 6 are considered average. 7 to 9 are considered above average.

The National Percentile by Age and the National Percentile by Grade are listed in the last two columns. The graph is based on these two scores under the National Percentile Scale. The National Percentile by Age (NPA) is based on a student’s cognitive ability with respect to students of the same age, regardless of their grade in school. The National Percentile by Grade (NPG) compares a student with other students in the same grade, regardless of their ages.

The Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) is an age-based score that describes an individual’s performance on InView as a whole. The score indicates a student’s overall cognitive ability relative to students of similar age without regard to grade placement. CSI scores from InView provide a highly reliable measure of overall academic aptitude.


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