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InView Practice Questions

Wondering what kinds of questions your child will be asked on the InViewTest? Sign up for 100 free gifted and talented practice questions below, or scroll further to see 5 sample InView questions.

100 Free Practice Questions

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IMPORTANT: While the InView sample questions shown on this page are representative of what your child will see on the exam, they aren’t taken directly from the actual test that’s being administered this year.

InView™ Sample Question #1

Which of the figures doesn’t belong?

InView™ Sample Question #2

If the words below were put in sentence order, the last word of the sentence would begin with the letter…what?

diet   vegetables   Judy’s   fruits   had    balance  a   good   of   and

A.  b

B.  v

C.  g

D. d

InView™ Sample Question #3

Find the pattern of the rows in the table and determine the missing number.

InView™ Sample Question #4

The pictures in the top row are related in a particular way. The pictures in the bottom row are related in a similar way. Touch the picture that belongs in the empty box.

InView™ Sample Question #5

The first two underlined words in the sentence below go together in a certain way. Choose the answer that goes with the third underlined word the same way the first and second underlined words go together.

Blade is to fan as spoke is to ____________.

A.  wheel

B.  talk

C.  say

D.  poke

E.  fun

Answers: 2nd from Left, B, D, 2nd from Left, A

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8 Responses

Sue says:

What grade level is the above examples?

Andrea says:

I have an issue Sample #2. A child could get hung up on this question if they attempted to complete the sentence as “vegetables and fruits” instead of the expected “fruits and vegetables”.

Sam says:

Hi Andrea,

In this case, since “F” isn’t a choice, the answer has to be “V”. In this case, the child would have to figure out the sentence could be completed a different way.

Dave says:

You indicate the answer to question 3 is B. The correct answer is D. Each row in the table is column 1 value divided by 3 for column 2, and column 2 value times 8 for column 3. 9/3=3. 3 *8=24, Answer D is 24.

sgermadnig310 says:

how do you figure out question 4?

Jason Dahlin says:

sgermadnig310 – figures in the top row each have 8 sides, figures in the second row each have 9 sides.

kunamaneni.krishna says:

i am having troble on the 2 sample

sarah says:

its great its sooooooooooooo easy.