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Best Methods for InView Test Prep

A reliable Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) is derived from five sub-tests that assess the following cognitive areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning—Words
  • Verbal Reasoning—Context
  • Sequences
  • Analogies
  • Quantitative Reasoning
100 Free Practice Questions

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Verbal Reasoning

In this section, your child will be given a group of words that all adhere to a certain rule.

These questions require that your child have an understanding of word meaning, relationships between words, a strong foundation in categorical thinking, abilities to make logical inferences based on the prompt provided and a keen eye for detail.


In this section, your child will view a sequence, often involving shapes and figures, then must make a logical decision about what comes next, based on the clues provided in the grouping.


Analogies measure your child’s ability to identify diverse relations among picture pairs and infer relations between incomplete picture pairs. Your child will be asked to solve a picture analogy puzzle that is similar to figural matrices. Figure Matrices questions stretch your child’s logic muscles, forcing her to examine a complex series of figures and see how they progress and fit together. Your child will be provided with three images. The first two images go together in a certain way. Your child will be asked to chose what goes with the third image in the same way that the first two went together.

Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning questions measure your child’s facility for thinking with numbers and applying quantitative reasoning processes rather than learned mathematics. These would include: number operations puzzle & flowchart, grid comparison & inference (more, less, most, least), algebraic substitution—equations and balances, number equivalence, substitutionand functions and grid fractions.

Ask general knowledge and trivia questions that incorporate the skills mentioned above. Start now with 100 practice questions and become a TestingMom.com Fast Track member to unlock full support and additional test prep materials to effectively prepare for the InView Test.

Sample Practice Questions

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