ISAAD Test Mathematics Practice Questions

Below you will find sample questions that are representative of the Mathematics questions your child will see on the ISAAD Test but are not taken directly from the actual test that is being administered this year.

  1. Look at the first box. The teacher has half as many A+ stickers as she has check stickers.  If she wants to have one more A+ sticker than check stickers, how many more does she need to get?   2nd picture

  1. Stephanie, Marcus, Hallie, and Larry are hungry for after-school snacks.  Stephanie and Marcus eat one apple each.  Hallie eats 2 apples.  Larry eats 3 apples.  Choose the box that shows how many apples they eat altogether.  4th picture

  1. Kerry was making banana pudding.  The bunch of bananas she bought at the store had the 9 bananas you see in the first box.  She ate 1 banana.  The recipe called for 2 bananas.  How many bananas did she have leftover?  3rd picture

  1. Sydney’s mom picked up the pizza you see in the first box and brought it home for dinner.  Sydney ate half the pizza.  Choose the box that shows how much pizza was left.   1st picture

  1. Emerson is from a family of 6 kids.  Her mom bought a dozen cupcakes.  All of the kids ate one cupcake.  Emerson’s parents each ate one cupcake.  Choose the box that shows how many cupcakes were left.  1st picture

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