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How is the KBIT Test Scored?

The KBIT-2 is scored on three different levels, verbal, non-verbal and the overall composite IQ.  Theoretically the verbal subtests measure crystallized ability and the non verbal subtests measure fluid reasoning.


The Verbal portion of the KBIT-2 test is made up of two subtests, Verbal Knowledge and Riddles. These measure verbal, school related skills by measuring an individual’s word knowledge, verbal concept formation, reasoning ability and range of general information.

Non Verbal

The Non Verbal portion is made up of the Matrices subtest and measures the ability to solve new problems. This is done by assessing the student’s ability to perceive relationships and complete visual analogies.

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One Response

Anonymous says:

This doesn’t actually answer the question. This is a description of the subtests, not a description of how scoring occurs. How many questions are given at a minimum? How are the responses scored? How many must be missed in a row before the evaluator ends the subtest? Is there a way to estimate a score based on practice questions?