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Best Methods for KBIT Test Prep

Sample Practice Questions

We recommend working through our 100 free practice questions when practicing for the KBIT™. Keep the tips below in mind while working on specific types of questions found on the KBIT.

100 Free Practice Questions

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Test Prep Tips

There are 3 types of questions on the KBIT and they are verbal knowledge, matrices, and riddles.

Verbal knowledge is tested by presenting your child with a group of pictures. They are then told a vocabulary term and are asked to point to the picture that depicts the vocabulary word. Your child will have to know about things like Siberian tigers, and other knowledge like that.

Matrices work non-verbal knowledge. These questions are probably ones that your child has never seen before, and thus it is incredibly important to help prep your child before this test. For young children, your child will be shown a certain image and then a series of possible answers. They will then be asked to point to the answer that goes logically with the first image. Older children have more difficult matrices questions. They will see the matrices presented as a 4 or 9 box grid with pictures or figures in it.

The third question type is riddles. The child is given hints about a word they need to guess.

The KBIT can be a complicated test and so we suggest that you try and prepare your child before the test. Incorporate riddles into your daily exercises, and test their vocabulary while driving them to school.

Video: What is the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test™ (KBIT™-2 Test)?

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