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NNAT Practice Test – 1st Grade

The NNAT3®, NNAT-2® and Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test® test (NNAT test first grade) are a great test for kids who are visually-spatially oriented. That’s because the test relies on shapes and figures to test students’ reasoning ability, as opposed to verbal-based tests which tend to lean more heavily on language. If your child isn’t astute with nonverbal matters, you’ll need to really prepare them for the NNAT3 test since those skills will come into play. Even if your child is strong with visual-spatial materials, it’s important to get them ready for the test since it’s tough and can be competitive. Here’s one sample question from the test:

  • Background: First, a little background: the NNAT test for first grade is often used as a marker for gifted and talented (G&T) admissions. Some districts, like New York City, use it in conjunction with another test to measure students’ readiness for an advanced program. Other districts use the test as the sole measurement tool. Either way, if your child will be taking the test you’ll need to spend some time making sure they’re ready.
  • Skills and format: First and foremost, your child will need to be familiar with the skills that will be measured on the exam and the format of the test. The best way to accomplish this is to use practice questions and other practice materials that mirror the questions your child will see on test day.
  • Levels and subtests: When assembling practice questions for your child, keep in mind that children taking the NNAT test for the first grade will be given Level B questions, which include the subtests of pattern completion, reasoning by analogy, and serial reasoning.

Here are a few practice questions to give you an idea of the kind of practice material your child should look at.

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Below is a sample question for Pattern Completion:

1st grade nnat2 test questions

(Answer: B – completes the pattern)

Below is a sample question for Reasoning by Analogy:

nnat2 practice question

(Answer: A – right side is mirror image of left side)

Below is a sample question for Serial Reasoning:

nnat2 test question

(Answer: D – each shape appears twice in the pattern – the outer shape of the 2nd shape on the bottom row)

What should I do after my child takes the test?

Once your child is done taking the NNAT test for first grade, relax! The hardest part is over. When your child leaves the test room, take them to do something fun – go to a movie or get some ice cream. Do not ask your child how they did on the test. They’ll tell you they did fine, and you don’t want to stress them out. Ask your school district when you can expect to get scores back, and what you need to do once that day comes. You’ll want to have your ducks in a row in case admissions deadlines fall shortly after the test scores come back.

Learn more about the NNAT3 test:

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