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MAP Test Practice for 2nd Grade

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MAP® Grade 2 Overview

Second graders take the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth test for grades 2-5. Schools generally administer MAP three times per year:  fall (benchmark), winter (progress), and spring (academic growth for the year). It evaluates what students know and what they are ready to learn and may be used as a qualifier for gifted programs. 

The 2nd grade MAP test is computerized and includes three sections: reading, language, and math. However, schools may not administer all three sections. It’s also adaptive, which means when students answer questions correctly, they are given more challenging questions. Inversely, when students answer questions incorrectly, they are given less challenging questions. This means some students may be answering questions above the grade 2 skill level. If a student performs below grade 2 expectations, he or she may be given the MAP test for grades K-2 for non-independent readers.

Contact your school for testing dates and which sections of the MAP tests will be administered.

MAP Reading for Grade 2

The MAP Growth Reading sub-test for 2nd graders is intended for students who read independently.  It assesses their skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. While this 40-43-question test is untimed, it should take your child approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.

Reading & Literacy Skills: MAP Growth Reading Subtest for Grades 2-5

Skill TypeContent
Comprehend Informational TextIdentify & Understand:
Craft and Structure
(Essay Organization; Text Features; Main Idea & Key Details; Fact vs. Opinion)
Comprehend LiteratureIdentify & Understand:
Craft and Structure
(Plot Elements and Theme in Fiction and Poetry)
Vocabulary Acquisition and UseRecognize Common Words
Use Context Clues to Determine Word Meaning
Word Relationships and Nuance
Reference and Word Parts: Academic Vocabulary
Demonstrate Reading Strategies in both Informational and Literature TextsMake Inferences
Make Predictions
Draw Conclusions
Make Connections
(text-to-self; text-to-world; text-to-text)
Understand Language & CraftUnderstand Connotative and Denotative Meanings (Impact of Word Choice)
Understand Figurative Language (Metaphor, Simile, Idiom, etc.)
Informational Text: Identify Author’s Purpose and Point of View; Arguments and Claims; Cite Evidence
Literary Text: Identify Point of View and Character (traits, change from beginning to resolution, etc.)

MAP Reading Test Practice for 2nd Grade 

Below are some MAP Test practice questions that highlight the types of questions your child may encounter while taking the MAP Reading subtest. Become a member today to access more resources and over 500 2nd grade MAP reading test practice reading questions to help your child prepare for their MAP Reading Test! 

1. Which choice uses all the words below to make a sentence?
                    animals    clown     the     balloon     made

a) Animals made the clown balloons.
The clown made balloon animals.
Balloons made the animals clowns.

Answer:  b

2. Which picture supports the sentence?






Answer:  1st bullet

MAP Math for Grade 2

The MAP Math Growth test for 2nd graders assess a child’s skills in algebraic thinking, computation and problem solving; number sense; fractions; measurement & data; and geometry. Like the other subtests, the math section is adaptive, so children will be given more or less challenging questions based on their performance. It contains approximately 50-53 questions, pulling questions from the Map Growth Math 2-5 question bank. Although the test is untimed, it should take your child around 45-60 minutes to complete.

Below is a list of skills your child may need to demonstrate while taking their Math sub-test. However, it’s important to check your district and state standards, as the exact content on the test will be dependent on where your child goes to school and the academic standards on which the school district bases their curriculum.

GeometryReason with Shapes, Attributes & Coordinate Plane
Measurement and DataGeometric Measurement and Problem Solving
Represent and Interpret Data
Solve Problems Involving Measurement
Number and OperationsNumber and Operations – Fractions
Number and Operations in Base Ten
Understand Place Value, Counting, and Cardinality
Operations and Algebraic ThinkingAnalyze Patterns and Relationships
Represent and Solve Problems
Properties of Operations

MAP Math Test Practice for 2nd Grade 

Check out some sample questions that are indicative of what your child may see when they take their MAP Growth Math 2nd grade subtest! We have a library of resources and over 700 2nd grade MAP math test practice questions for your child to prepare with, so make sure to become a member today!

1. Binny has 20 candles on her birthday cake. Her grandmother has 70 birthday candles on her cake. How many candles do Binny and her mom have all together?

a) 50
b) 90

c) 100

Answer:  b

2. How many faces does the triangular pyramid have?




a) 3
b) 5

c) 4

Answer:  c

MAP Language for Grade 2

The MAP Growth Language Usage test is for students in 2nd through 12th grades and covers topics such as grammar (such as parts of speech), mechanics (such as punctuation and capitalization); usage (such as using proper verb tenses), and the writing process. This adaptive test contains approximately 50-53 questions and is untimed like the other sections of the test. However, it should take your child about 45-60 minutes to complete.

Check out the table below for possible skills your child may be asked to demonstrate on the test! It is important to always check with your child’s school, because state and district academic standards vary depending on where your child goes to school. 

Understand and Edit for Grammar and Language UsageParts of Speech
Phrases, Clauses, Subject/Verb Agreement, Sentences (Simple, Complex, Compound, Incomplete, and Run-On)
Understand and Edit for MechanicsCapitalization
Understand Purpose for Writing and Writing ProcessWrite to Inform/Explain; Persuade, Argue or Make a Claim; Entertain
Plan and Write Draft
Organize Writing: Use Transitions, Provide Support; Cite Evidence; Develop Topics; Conduct Research
Edit for grammar, mechanics and usage
Revise for Style & Precise Language

MAP Language Test Practice for 2nd Grade 

Below are some 2nd grade level questions similar to what your child may see on their Language subtest! has over 700 MAP language test practice questions at the 2nd grade level and over 30 premium online learning programs, so be sure to become a member of today!

1. Choose the correct missing word.
I know ___________ the right choice.

a) your
b) your’e

c) youre
d) you’re

Answer:  d

2. Which group of words is a phrase

a) When the rain falls, the river rises.
b) Went to dinner after work.

c) The credit plays when the movie ends.
d) After we finished working, we went to dinner.

Answer:  b

100 Free Practice Questions

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