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MAP Test Practice for 4th Grade

The NWEA MAP Test for 4th Grade the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth® test for grades 2-5. Schools generally administer MAP three times per year:  fall (benchmark), winter (progress), and spring (academic growth for year). It evaluates what students know and what they are ready to learn and may be used as a qualifier for gifted programs.

The MAP® test is computerized and includes four sections: reading, language, math, and science. However, schools may not administer all four sections. It’s also adaptive, which means when students answer questions correctly, they are given more challenging questions. Inversely, when students answer questions incorrectly, they are given less challenging questions. This means some students may be answering questions above and/or below the grade 4 expectational skill level.

Contact your school for testing dates and which sections of the MAP tests will be administered.

MAP Reading for Grade 4

The MAP Growth Reading sub-test for 4th graders assesses their skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. While this 40-43-question test is untimed, it should take your child approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.

The MAP Growth Reading sub-test is an adaptive test, meaning that the difficulty of the questions your child will see depends on whether they got the preceding questions correct or incorrect. That means they may see questions above or below their grade level. It’s important to check with your child’s school, district, and teacher to see exactly what subjects may be covered by their test, but you can check out the table below for possible topics your child may encounter on their MAP Reading for Grade 4 sub-test.

Reading & Literacy Skills: MAP Growth Reading Subtest for Grades 2-5

Skill TypeContent
Comprehend Informational TextIdentify & Understand:
Craft and Structure (Essay Organization; Text Features; Main Idea & Key Details; Fact vs. Opinion)
Comprehend LiteratureIdentify & Understand:
Craft and Structure (Plot Elements and Theme in Fiction and Poetry)
Vocabulary Acquisition and UseRecognize Common Words
Use Context Clues to Determine Word Meaning
Word Relationships and Nuance
Reference and Word Parts: Academic Vocabulary
Demonstrate Reading Strategies in both Informational and Literature TextsMake Inferences
Make Predictions
Draw Conclusions
Make Connections (text-to-self; text-to-world; text-to-text)
Understand Language & CraftUnderstand Connotative and Denotative Meanings (Impact of Word Choice)
Understand Figurative Language (Metaphor, Simile, Idiom, etc.)
Informational Text: Identify Author’s Purpose and Point of View; Arguments and Claims; Cite Evidence
Literary Text: Identify Point of View and Character (traits, change from beginning to resolution, etc.)

MAP Reading Test Practice for 4th Grade

Below are some practice test questions that highlight what your child may encounter while taking the MAP Reading subtest. Become a member today to access more resources and over 400 4th grade MAP reading test practice questions to help your child prepare for their MAP Reading Test!

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  1. Which choice is most nearly the opposite of the underlined word?
    The restaurant was very obliging and moved us to a bigger table.
    A. forceful
    B. compelling
    C. difficult
    D. unpleasant


Answer:  D

  1. Which statement is FALSE?
    A. The south-western car park is next to the train station.
    B. The northernmost street is Elmville Road.
    C. The café is due south of the baseball field.
    D. The school is to the east of City Park


Answer:  D

Read the poem:
Silver, black, silver, black,
Chrome and tiles and “mind the gap.”
A rush of air, a burst of light
Strangers’ faces fly from sight.

  1. Where is the poem most likely set?
    A. A bus station
    B. A subway station
    C. A railway station
    D. A gas station


Answer:  B

MAP Math Test for Grade 4

The MAP Math Growth test for 4th graders assess a child’s skills in algebraic thinking, computation and problem solving; number sense; fractions; measurement & data; and geometry. Like the other subtests, the math section is adaptive, so children will be given more or less challenging questions based on their performance. It contains approximately 50-53 questions, pulling questions from the Map Growth Math 2-5 question bank. Although the test is untimed, it should take your child around 45-60 minutes to complete.

Below is a list of skills your child may encounter while taking their Math sub-test. However, it’s important to check your district and state standards, as the exact content on the test will be dependent on where your child goes to school.

GeometryIdentify Points, Lines, Line Segments & Rays
Classify Angles
Identify Two-Dimensional Figures
Determine Symmetry
Measurement and DataCustomary & Metric Measurement and Problem Solving
Elapsed Time; Money
Computing Perimeter & Area
Understanding Line Plots
Angle Measurement
Operations & Algebraic ThinkingMultiplicative Comparisons
Solve Multiplicative Problems with Remainders
Determine Factors and Multiples
Determine Number and Shape Patterns
Number & Operations in Base 10Understand Place Value
Read & Write Numbers in Expanded Form
Compare & Round Numbers
Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide
Number & Operations: FractionsIdentify Equivalent Fractions
Compare, Add, Subtract & Decompose Fractions
Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers
Solve Problems Involving Fractions
Multiply Whole Numbers by Fractions
Understand Fractions with Denominators of 10 & 100
Understand & Compare Decimal Fractions
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MAP Math Test Practice for 4th Grade

Check out some possible questions your child may run across on their MAP Growth Math 4th grade subtest! We have a library of resources and over 600 4th grade MAP math test practice questions for you and your child to prepare with, so make sure to become a member today!

  1. Which number comes next?
    92, 105, 118, 131, 144, ____
    A. 159
    B. 160
    C. 157
    D. 165


Answer:  C

Answer:  B

  1. Solve:
    X  4


A. 174
B. 182
C. 482
D. 712

Answer:  D

MAP Language Test for Grade 4

The MAP Growth Language Usage test is for students in 2nd through 12th grades and covers topics such as grammar (like parts of speech), mechanics (like punctuation and capitalization); usage (like using proper verb tenses), and the writing process. This adaptive test contains approximately 50-53 questions and is untimed like the other sections of the test. However, it should take your child about 45-60 minutes to complete.

Check out the table below for possible skills and content your child may see on the test! It is important to always check with your child’s school, because state and district standards vary depending on where your child goes to school.

Understand and Edit for Grammar and Language UsageNouns, Verbs & Subject-Verb Agreement
Pronouns & Relative Pronouns
Progressive & Perfect Tenses
Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Interjections & Prepositional Phrases
Frequently Confused & Multiple-Meaning Words
Idioms, Adages & Proverbs
Word Relationships
Understand and Edit for MechanicsCapitalization, Punctuation & Spelling
Complete Sentences, Fragments & Run-Ons
Understand Purpose for Writing and Writing ProcessWrite to Inform, Persuade & Entertain
Consult Reference Materials & Take Notes
Plan/Brainstorm for Writing
Write Draft & Organize It with Appropriate Formatting & Text Features
Use Transitions between Ideas
Develop & Support Ideas by Providing Details, Elaboration & Citing Evidence
Edit for grammar, mechanics & usage
Revise for Precise Language & Sensory Details

MAP Language Test Practice for 4th Grade

Below are some 4th grade level questions similar to what your child may see on their Language subtest! has over 600 MAP language test practice questions and so much more, so be sure to become a member of today!

  1. Fill in the blank with the correct word choice.
    _________ dog is barking outside?
    A. Who’s
    B. Whose
    C. Whom
    D. Who


Answer:  B

  1. Choose the sentence that is punctuated correctly.
    A. Before I leave the house each day I grab my lunch.
    B. The dog ran across the yard, and retrieved the frisbee.
    C. I don’t like to watch Hallmark movies but I like Hallmark greeting cards.
    D. Our teacher gave us each a pencil before she gave us the test.


Answer:  D

  1. Which reference material would you use to find how to pronounce a word?
    A. dictionary
    B. glossary
    C. thesaurus
    D. encyclopedia


Answer:  A

MAP Science for Grade 4

At the 4th grade level, students will be assessed for their knowledge and understanding of science standards through the MAP Growth Science sub-test. The test is computerized and given to students in grades 3 through 12. It is adaptive like the other sub-tests, so the question difficulty will depend on your child’s performance. This means that if your child answers grade 4-level questions incorrectly, he may be given less challenging questions. Inversely, if he performs above grade 4 level, he will see more challenging questions. The test covers concepts in the areas of Scientific Inquiry and Application; Earth’s Systems; Energy; Waves; and Structure, Function, and Information Processing.

The test will have approximately 45 questions, and a working time of 45-60 minutes, although the test is untimed.

Check out the table below for possible skills and content your child may see on the test! It is important to always check with your child’s school, because state and district standards vary depending on where your child goes to school.

Knowledge AreaContent
Scientific Inquiry & ApplicationConduct Scientific Investigations
Understand the Use of Lab Tools & Implement Proper Safety Measures
Interpret Data & Communicate Conclusions
Understand Engineering Design
Earth’s SystemsConsider the Role of Weathering, Erosion & Deposition in the Change of Landforms
Understand & Use Maps & Geologic Features
Analyze the Impact of Natural Hazards to Humans
Energy & WavesEnergy in Motion, Transfer & Transformation
Energy in Collisions & in Resources
Waves and their Roll in the Transfer of Information
Structure, Function & Information ProcessingUnderstand Light’s Roll in Vision
Identify & Understand the Structure & Function of Both Plants & Animals
Understand our Senses & How Our Bodies Process Them

MAP Science Test Practice for 4th Grade

Below are examples of what questions may look like on your child’s test. Be sure to join today as a member to access all of our resources and test prep questions for your child’s Science MAP Growth sub-test!

  1. Which feature of Earth makes it most suitable for life?
    A. mountains
    B. liquid water
    C. good soil
    D. ultraviolet light


Answer:  D

  1. Which of the following is NOT a form of energy?
    A. chemical
    B. electrical
    C. mechanical
    D. astronomical


Answer:  D

  1. Which of the following are characteristics of mammals?
    A. They nourish their babies with milk from mammary glands.
    B. They have hair or fur.
    C. Both A and B
    D. None of the above


Answer:  C

Are you ready to start preparing your child for their MAP Test for 4th Grade? Are you interested in more MAP Test Practice for 4th Grade? We have 1,000+ NWEA MAP Test practice questions just for 4th Grade, plus expert tutors, engaging test prep, and more! Try us out today with our 100 Free Questions!

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For further pracrtice, I would like to get more MAP sampling questions.


Please reach out to our Parent Success Team at 877-609-6203 or They will help you learn more about the NWEA MAP test and how to find additional practice on our website.


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I would like to learn more about map test for grade 4

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test, specifically the MAP Growth assessment for 4th grade. The MAP Growth is a computer-adaptive test designed to evaluate a student’s academic progress in various subject areas, such as reading, language usage, and mathematics.

Here is a brief overview of the key features of the MAP Growth test for 4th grade:

Computer-adaptive: The test adjusts the difficulty of questions based on each student’s performance, ensuring that the assessment is tailored to their current knowledge and skill level. This allows for a more accurate measurement of a student’s progress and helps identify areas of strength and improvement.

Subject areas: The MAP Growth test covers three main subjects – reading, language usage, and mathematics. Each subject assessment evaluates a student’s understanding of grade-appropriate concepts and skills, aligned with state and national standards.

Individualized results: The test provides a detailed report of each student’s performance, including a RIT (Rasch Unit) score that indicates their current academic level. The RIT score can be used to track a student’s growth over time and to compare their performance with grade-level peers.

Informing instruction: Teachers can use the MAP Growth results to differentiate instruction, set personalized learning goals, and identify areas where additional support or enrichment may be needed.

The MAP Growth test is typically administered two or three times per school year, providing valuable insights into a student’s academic progress and helping teachers and parents make informed decisions about their educational journey.

If you have any further questions or would like more information about the MAP Growth test, please don’t hesitate to reach out at


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Once you become a member, you will have access to over 10,000 MAP NWEA questions! This test assesses what students have learned and provides insights on what students are ready to learn next. There are four subjects tested by the MAP Growth: Mathematics, Reading, Language Usage, and Science. The subjects that your child is assessed on will depend on your child’s grade and your child’s school or school district. The MAP is administered via a computer or a tablet, and question types include multiple-choice, drag and drop, and fill-in-the-blank. The exam is untimed, and students can take as much time as they need to complete the test. However, the subtest for each subject takes approximately 45 minutes, and according to the test publisher, most students complete each subject/subtest in about 30-45 minutes.

See if supports your child’s test by your school district. If you don't see your child's school district listed, check with us! We have practice for other tests as well.

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