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Best Method for Ravens Matrices Test Prep

In preparing for the Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices™, we recommend you practice NNAT-2® questions with your child.  The concepts covered on both tests are the same.  However, many of the Raven’s Matrices have some black and white question items. Ultimately the underlying concepts on the Raven’s Matrices are the same as what is covered on the NNAT-2®.  All figural practice questions will help a child prepare for Raven’s Progressive Matrices™.

Sample Practice Questions

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Figure Matrices

On the RPM™ test, teach your child the skill of working with figure matrices.  We encourage you to work with all the types of matrix or analogy questions.

Figure Matrices questions stretch your child’s logic muscles, forcing her to examine a complex series of figures and see how they progress and fit together. Having her learn to complete the third and fourth figures so that they are analogous to the first two is a skill that will be helpful in nearly every other subject she encounters in school, These include vocabulary, math, geometry, and everything in between!

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