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SAGES-2 Test

What is the SAGES?

The SAGES Test (Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students) is an aptitude and achievement test, geared towards identifying gifted students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The test was co-written by Susan K. Johnsen, PhD, and Anne L. Corn, PhD, who both serve as major contributors in the field of educational testing. The SAGES-2 offers two different versions of the exam that the student can complete based upon his/her official grade level. One form of the exam is administered to children in kindergarten through third grade. All students that fall within this age category are traditionally read the exam by their designated facilitator. Due to this verbal component, the exam is given in a group setting. The second form of the exam is offered to students in fourth through eighth grade. During this version of the test, students complete the exam independently.

SAGES-2 Test Overview

The design of the SAGES-2 is the same for both versions of the exam. Both versions are composed of three subtests that are intended to measure academic and intellectual abilities. The first two subtests consist of “Mathematics/Science” as well as “Language Arts/Social Studies”. These two sections are intended to measure achievement, or the knowledge a child has absorbed throughout their formal education. These subsections are presented to students in a multiple-choice format.

The third subtest, “Reasoning” targets the student’s aptitude or problem solving abilities. The ability to analogize, and decipher relationships and meaning is critical to this specific subtest. This section is unique as children are presented with figures and pictures that require them to identify relationships between the various items presented.

Ultimately, the SAGES-2 subtests measure the relationship between aptitude and achievement. If the parent or educator is interested in nominating a child for a gifted class or program, this test can be an important first step in assessing ability.  Additionally, the subtests can help parents and students in examining the academic strengths and weaknesses of the child in specific intellectual areas. It may help to gauge which skills can be improved upon both in and outside of the academic setting. for practice questions for the SAGES-2 Test, we recommend viewing our 100 free practice questions.

SAGES-2 Subtests

Subtest 1: Mathematics/Science

  • Measures Achievement
  • Content is more logical and quantitative in nature
  • All questions are presented in a multiple choice format
  • Material is based upon modern texts, scholarly articles, and books
  • Questions draw on recall, comprehension, and application of mathematical and scientific questions

Subtest 2: Language Arts/Social Studies

  • Measures Achievement
  • Content is linguistic and qualitative in nature
  • All questions presented in a multiple choice format
  • Like subtest 1, material draws from classical and modern literature, various texts, and books
  • Emphasis is placed on recall, comprehension, and application of language arts and social studies concepts

Subtest 3: Reasoning

  • Unlike Subtests 1 and 2, which measure what your child has learned, this subtest measures aptitude, or what your child is capable of
  • This section requires an application of problem solving skills
  • Previously learned skill sets or other core content is not required for section preparation
  •  Questions presented in an analogy format
  •  Students are to identify figures, synthesize relationships between items, and find other figures that relate to the target stimulus
  •  Tests the child’s ability to adapt to new scenarios or tasks that were not formally taught in school

Does my child really take the same exam as older children?

Yes, this test is given in two forms. The first form is given to children for grades K-3, and the second form is given to children for grades 4-8.

Does my child need to be able to read at a 3rd grade level to complete the test?

The questions are read to students who take the form for grades K-3. Children in grades 4-8 are expected to read the questions and work independently.

Is this a multiple choice test?

Yes this is a multiple choice test in which the students will have to pick an answer from 5 possible choices.

How is the SAGES-2 Scored?

A student’s overall performance on the SAGES-2 (Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students) is determined through a process of norming. A normed exam, such as this one, involves comparing the student’s performance against other children who fall within that same age and grade bracket. Because performance standards vary from state to state, testing items are normed across many different locations (not just age groups). Ultimately, the objective of the SAGES-2 is to determine how a child performs on the subtests as compared to their peers.


The Standard Score Ranges for the SAGES-2

Score of 130+: This is an extremely high score that places the student into the gifted range. Achieving this score means that they quality for gifted schools or programs.

Score of 121-130: Students who score in this range achieved strong performance. In this case they definitely fall within the gifted range.

Score of 111-120: If a student scores within this range then there is a possibility that they will be considered gifted. This range is on the lower end of the testing spectrum, and may demonstrate there to be certain weaknesses on one or more of the subtests.

Score of 90-110: Students who test in this range have demonstrated weaker performance on the exam. In the context of this test, it is unlikely that they will be considered eligible for gifted and talented programs.

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Where are 100 free practice questions?

where are the 100 free practice questions located?


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